The Behemoth Creepily Teases a New Game for Xbox One


The Behemoth, creators of such classics as Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid and Battleblock Theater have recently confirmed a new game is in development for Xbox One, tentatively called Game 4

There is almost no information available about the project and the only thing we have to give us any idea of what the game will be about is this rather horrifying teaser image. Is that a fat spider-squirrel-woman with a mayonnaise catapult?

The developers claim the game will be playable “later this year” and we should all expect more information about the game to be revealed at PAX Prime and San Diego Comic-Con. Until then, we can all get lost in the soulless eyes of whatever the hell this creature is.

The Behemoth has been working semi-exclusively with Microsoft for quite some time now and despite other indie devs’ claims that Microsoft is terrible to the little guys, this studio openly praised the support given to the team from Microsoft and Microsoft Studios. It’s safe to say that the latest project will be a timed exclusive for the Xbox One, but we will have to wait until later this year to know for sure.

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i mileson iMiles Dompier is the mad commander of TEAM XBRO. He is a Seattle native who recently moved to the sweltering heat of Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a composer/voice actor. When he’s not up writing until his eyes bleed, he likes to play a Prince level of instruments and listen to terrible death metal. Follow him on his personal Facebook page or the official What’s Your Tag? Twitter page – @whatsyourtag


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