The Daily Clip: Alien Dogs


What’s up XBROS?! It’s time for today’s edition of The Daily Clip. I was playing the new Call of Duty:Ghosts Devastation DLC and just so happen to get the field order on the new/old map Unearthed. Time to unleash the dogs!

I’m still working on getting the ever so elusive Predator field order but this little gem of a care package is a nice change of pace. If you feel like having a partner to melt some people’s faces off in a little FPS action, add me up on Xbox Live and lets represent TEAM XBRO!

We hope you enjoyed today’s edition of The Daily Clip. Be sure to check back every day for more great videos straight from our Xbox One Game DVR.

stspipShayne Saulteaux is a wild-eyed canadian hailing from Calgary, Alberta but making his home in Lethbridge till fate takes him elsewhere. When he’s not busy nuking peoples faces off in FPS games, Shayne  pays his bills as a chef but aspires to be payed to play games (who doesn’t right?). Email Shayne at or follow his youtube channel.


    1. It depends for myself, there’s times when I have my dvr recording 5minute clips if I’m going for montage material or sometimes I just go with the One’s feature that you can record the last 30seconds if I did something cool that I feel would make a good clip.

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