Make Babies to Save the World in Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, Available Today for 3DS and PS Vita!

conception 2 logo

In typical RPG fashion, Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars has you build a party to combat monsters for the fate of the world. What’s not quite typical is just how, exactly, you go about building said party. Here’s a hint — it doesn’t stop until the panties drop. Queue the Marvin Gaye! 

While the title may indicate that it’s a direct sequel to the Japanese-only Conception: Please Give Birth to my Child (no, seriously), it’s been confirmed that the stories are not connected and RPG fans can jump in to Conception II without fear of not understanding the entire story. As if an RPG about making warrior babies isn’t already awesome enough, right? Imagine Persona, but instead of summoning your Persona in to battle you make sweet love to one of seven women and bring in your love child to lay down some crazy newborn street justice.

The stronger your relationship is to the women, the stronger your warrior babies. So in short, you don’t want to be a lover and a leaver.. a midnight cowboy, if you will. You’ll want to woo her with chocolates, maybe build a puzzle or two and down a bottle of the finest Boone’s Farm money can buy before ripping off all your clothes and taking her ass to the mountains. It’s also a turn-based RPG so you can teach your little brats a thing or two about being polite and waiting their turn.

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars hits the Nintendo 3DS/2DS and PS Vita today for the retail price of $39.99.

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gamercard Bradley Keene is an avid gamer & freelance blogger from Baltimore, MD that handles news and reviews here at What’s Your Tag?. If he’s not knee-deep in an RPG or some form of Nintendo game, he’s usually watching low-budget horror or Troma films. Follow him on Twitter @amgfail_WYT, or contact him by e-mail at Love gaming? Join TEAM XBRO today!


  1. What a quirky idea. I want to play this, but who knows how long I will have to wait. Atlus don’t believe in prompt European releases.

      1. Yes it is coming here, as a download only release. Atlus has been vague about a release date citing Quarter 2. Late last night, after being pressed on Facebook, they said May so I am happy.

      2. 2 more months! Sucks you won’t be getting physical releases but I think we had something similar with Ace Attorney Dual Destinies? Not 100% on that.

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