Battlefield 4: Naval Strike DLC Video Review


For all you FPS fans, April 15th marked the release of Battlefield 4‘s 3rd DLC, Naval Strike. Premium members have had access to this content since March 25th, but now it’s available to anyone willing to pay. So, is the latest chunk of DLC worth your time?


I’m enjoying playing these new maps while trying to get the new guns leveled up and unlock of all their attachments. This new content is a blast to play and overall is a nice change of pace from the ground based mayhem that ensues in the other expansions. Don’t get me wrong, there is mayhem here as well, but that’s what is to be expected from warfare, am I right? If DICE can just tweak the detection and sync up a bit then this game will move up from AA to AAA in my book.

Naval Strike Review

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stspipShayne Saulteaux is a wild-eyed Canadian hailing from Calgary, Alberta but makes his home in Lethbridge till fate takes him elsewhere. When he’s not busy nuking peoples faces off in FPS games, Shayne pays his bills as a chef but aspires to be paid to play games (who doesn’t right?). Email Shayne at or follow his youtube channel.

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