Putting the War of the Consoles in Perspective

I’m not one to fan the flames of the console war, but something recently caught my eye and dropped my jaw when I saw it. There’s far more to it than just sales figures.

The argument over which console is better will never be settled. There are too many numbers, personal preferences, and opinions to ever make that argument end. Just look at the PC vs. Mac battle. Has it ever been definitively settled?(No, it has not.) I don’t want to get into semantics about 7 million sold versus 5 million shipped either. Let’s instead focus on one key factor, games. Games are the main reason to own any console. The following graphic was originally posted on NeoGAF buy a user named deadpixel. The graph gives a somewhat profound illustration as to why people focused on gaming have been buying the PS4 over the Xbox One.


I’ll help you with the math. That adds up to 41 games on Xbox One and 68 on PS4. While you let that soak in, remember this is only from November when the consoles launch until May of 2014. I’ll be the first to agree that numbers aren’t everything and quality does matter. Personally, I had just never seen the amount of games laid out to me like this and was a little stunned by it.

Anybody else a little dazed by this comparison?

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dudewantshisrugPaul Novak is a self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing in the west side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet. Found here at What’s Your Tag? and on the Twitter @dudewantshisrug. Game on with Team XBRO!


  1. You know, I actually own a PS4 and didn’t even realize how many games are already out for it. People always tell me they are waiting for more games and that both consoles only have like 5 games each but really, there are an awful lot out at this point. Very cool. Also, I agree that this seems to be the main reason why the PS4 is doing so well. I don’t engage in the console wars since I just don’t care enough and everyone should play whatever they want on whatever console they want, but I have been spectating. It does seem as if the arguments are slowly turning towards the “more/less games” direction. Very interesting stuff!

      1. Indies are becoming a really big deal, I too think a lot of people (myself included, obviously) are just forgetting about them. But in reality since I got the PS4 I have been playing way more indie titles than I ever did before and they have all be fantastic games.

      2. Being labeled “indie” has gotten a bad reputation in the past. Smaller developers didn’t always put out quality games. That has obviously changed and the gap between indies and big studio productions has narrowed.

    1. CONSOLE WARS!!! It’s always silly listening to one side try and disregard the other. Both consoles have a lot to offer and both are absolutely worthy of owning. We shouldn’t be hating these consoles, we should be embracing these new technologies and the ideas that go along with them.

      1. Indeed, I hate that people limit themselves and feel the need to harass others for their choices. Both consoles have their pros and cons. I don’t have an Xbox One because not only do I not have the money, nothing released as an exclusive has really caught my eye. Maybe down the road I’ll get one, but I’m not going to say never just because I’m a Sony fangirl haha.

      2. I loved my 360 and that’s the primary reason I went with the Xbox One, that and Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3. For me, Sony has done a great job with indie support, but I have a decent computer and most of the games they’ve released I’ve had for months on Steam. I wasn’t big on inFAMOUS 1 or 2 and that seems to be everyone’s favorite so far.

        I will say, the day they announce the next Little Big Planet, is the day I go buy a PS4.

  2. I think the Xbox One came out of the gate swinging with some really great exclusives like Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct, but since then we’ve only gotten Titanfall with nothing else really mentioned down the road. I know we’ll eventually get Quantum Break and Project Spark will come out of beta, but there isn’t much in the way of exclusives over the next few months.

    I’m glad that I’m fortunate enough to own all 3 current-gen consoles, but if I were in a position to only pick up one of them, there is definitely a lot more exclusivity currently available and coming out down the line on PS4. Although I do prefer the functionality of the Xbox One.

      1. Absolutely, especially when it comes down to future releases over the next few months. It’s kind of disheartening, really.

  3. Agreed on all points… I prefer the xbox brand and functionality, but I’ve been very disappointed since my purchase. The biggest thing I miss is the indie/arcade games. WTF Microsoft? The tough thing is choosing a console at launch, because there’s no way to know data like this. If I had known, it might have swayed my opinion, and I might have a PS4 right now but, hey, I’ve always liked rooting for the underdog which, at this point, my Xbone definitely is.

    Nice write up and thanks for sharing!

      1. Yeah exactly lol, that “no release dates” thing is killing me. I’m excited to see what good news (if any) E3 brings us 🙂 I’m trying to stay optimistic!

      2. As always, E3 will answer some questions but pose others. The shame is all the big titles will get coverage and indie games will get buried. Fret not though, when the time comes we’ll help keep you informed.

  4. I’m not sure if all of these games are available world wide but some of those I don’t recognize. Although I think the price tag and bad early press is what’s hurt the Xbox the most.
    I don’t think it’s a long term problem but we’ll see at E3.
    I can’t say i’ve run out of gaming options though and that’s without buying any of the AAA cross platform releases.
    Personally I’d say that I prefer gaming on the Xbox though. I think it’s a long term bias of mine to be very honest. That blue home screen and plinky plonky music annoys me hugely.

    1. The list is North America releases. There is nothing wrong with having a personal preference towards a console. I do agree that Microsoft hurt themselves at the beginning and has been trying to make amends since.

  5. I own a Xbox One, I absolutely love it so much. The design and look of the Xbox One definitely helped me to decide on what system to buy since I could only buy one. I personally play my PS3 and Xbox 360 since I didn’t buy any games for the Xbox One since there is 3 games I actually want for the system. I think both systems are great for there own reasons, I don’t see why there should be a battle of the systems to begin with, everyone is just going to buy what they want anyways. 🙂

    1. I love my Xbox One as well. That shell is just so sharp and sexy. It’s a perfect blend of retro/modern and it looks beautiful in the entertainment center. Dead Rising 3, Forza, Killer Instinct, and Titanfall are all incredible games.

      1. Yes definitely, it looks amazing. If you have a PS3 definitely check out Beyond Two Souls, it is such a amazing game visually and the story is great as well.

      2. I do have a PS3, but I’ve heard a ton of mixed things about the game. One of our editors played it and he wasn’t a big fan at all. It’s one I’d definitely like to play. I was a huge fan of Heavy Rain.

      3. I just bought Heavy Rain, still waiting for it. I think Beyong Two Souls is the type of game that isn’t for everyone, I felt a emotional connection to the main character and loved the fact that there were parts that scared me, I have never played anything like this game.

      4. Lol I hope I wasn’t the only one that felt a connection to Beyond Two Souls? I am very excited to play Heavy Rain, I heard mixed reviews on it but I’m sure i’ll like it.

  6. Wow, it’s pretty astounding when you see it like that. Also Sony were still releasing a load of PS3 games in the same period. The good thing is that MS will have to up their game to compete and it should drive great competition

    1. MS is working hard to get indie developers on their side but they mad things so hard on them in the past the adoption rate is really slow. Once that hurdle is made, you probably more balance in the amount of games released to each console.

    2. With Phil Spencer taking the helm I think we’ll see a lot of great changes make their way to the Xbox One. The ID@Xbox is bringing a ton of indie developers and Microsoft even seems to be locking in a large number of Japanese devs.

  7. The graphic is interesting to say the least, but one thing I noticed right off the bat was some padding for both consoles. If you take out the game that were already available on the previous gen consoles or through Steam or other digital distribution methods on the PC the numbers get a little closer together as far as games available or releasing. Regardless it does still swing in Sony’s favor for the time being but time will tell.

    I don’t know, for me personally, it’s not even the number of games it’s the quality of them…I refer to my Steam library for that one, 400+ games but less than a handful that I play constantly because they are just that good, same goes for consoles.

  8. Sony is doing an amazing job supporting and embracing indie developers. Some of the most popular games on the console are from smaller devs and come free with Playstation Plus. That’s a great incentive for somebody with a budget to choose the PS4 over the Xbox One.

    Microsoft is doing a much better job producing first-party games however. The only major exclusives to release on the PS4 so far have been Killzone and inFAMOUS and they aren’t many on the horizon. It seems like Sony’s support of indie devs is more out of necessity. The bigger studios like Santa Monica and Naughty Dog don’t have any scheduled releases and with massive layoffs and many of the studio heads leaving, this doesn’t bode well for future.

    The Xbox One has confirmed Quantum Break, D4, A New Halo, Fable Legends, Below, and several others. In addition to the 25 indie games set to release in the next few months, there is a lot to look forward to.

    Both console haves their merits and nobody has the right to dismiss either one. The confusing reveal for the Xbox One definitely hurt it’s early adoption rate, but with Phil Spencer recently taking the helm, we can all expect great things from Xbox. Plus, MURRRICA!!!!

  9. It’s so easy to forget that there are games released on the PSN. I keep looking at the section in my store, thinking it’s small, then I look at this and realize it’s a whole hell of a lot more.

      1. They better soon or else they’re going to start lagging behind really bad. Sony has a great relationship with indie game companies.

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