Ultra Street Fighter IV Bringing It to the Streets or Dinosaur Labs

usf4 characters

Love Street Fighter? Read Japanese? Then have we got a treat for you! There’s a new trailer out for the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV that outlines new stages and gameplay modes but it’s entirely in Japanese. Still lots of punching though. Check it out:

Now, what a second here. Did I see dinosaurs? Hold on…

usf4 dino 1


usf4 dino 2

I DID! JURASSIC ERA RESEARCH FACILITY?!? Dare I dream? Back in February a rumor was floating around that Capcom was toying with the idea of rebooting the Dino Crisis series. This new stage seems to indicate,yes it might just be. It is just such an odd reference otherwise. Fingers crossed we get to see Regina come to the Xbox One or PS4 or well anything soon. And please Capcom, if you are planning on bringing back Dino Crisis do not ass randomly go into space like you did for no goddamn reason in Dino Crisis 3. I mean COME ON! You end the second game on a cliffhanger and then for the third get rid of the entire plot and characters! Ok… ok… I’m ok, I just needed to vent, sorry.

We also have the opening cinematic for Ultra Street Fighter IV:

Ultra Street Fighter IV comes out as a digital upgrade for owners of Super Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition in June for Xbox 360 and PS3. A full retail version for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC will be available in August.

(H/T Polygon)



  1. Ryu and Ken are not fighting. They are standing still because the T-Rex has poor eyesight. Hopefully there are no raptors about.

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