Dragon Age: Inquisition Tears Open the Veil and Lands on October 7th


The Veil has been torn and the Fade are entering the land of Thedas. As the Inquisitor, you’re able to travel between both worlds and look seven different shades of sexy while doing it. Dragon Age: Inquisition aims to bring the series back to the glory days of the original, and has been confirmed to launch on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC on October 7th. 

According to Destructoid, Dragon Age: Inquisition will feature familiar faces, like Leiliana and Cullen, but they’re more so there for story purposes rather than being controllable allies. New to the series though is the War Table, which allows you to send your allies off to complete objectives, much like you could in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Those looking to continue their decisions made in the previous games can check out Dragon Age Keep, which acts as a story editor to bring those choices to fruition in Inquisition.

Moving between the living world and the Fade was usually something reserved for Mages, but as the Inquisitor you’ll be able to traverse both planes regardless of your chosen class. The latest gameplay trailer seems to mix both old and new, and it’s safe to say that Dragon Age: Inquisition looks downright amazing so far. Speaking of downright amazing, how about that box art?


Should you decide to pre-order, you’ll receive the Flames of the Inquisition pack, although details of what exactly that is are still M.I.A.

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  1. This is so friggin’ sexy. Psyched to hear it’s going to be available for the 360 still…I was worried for a while it was only going to be for the One/PS4 consoles.

    My favorite class in the previous DragonAge games was always the mage. There’s just so much depth to the mythos of the Fade, the Darkspawn, how dreams are actually non-magical mortals visiting a different realm. The time spent on the religions/mythology of this franchise really drew me into it the very first time I played. I’m relieved to see it continuing on in all it’s glory.

    1. My first playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins was with a Blood Mage and I loved it. I played through the Awakening expansion as an Assassin, and while it was fun, I definitely missed the feel of spellcasting and all the Mage lore.

      The concept alone makes me want this game in a bad way, but I eagerly anticipate continuing along as a Mage again.

  2. Reblogged this on Tarnished Sophia and commented:
    Hey everyone, I know I haven’t been talking about gaming lately, but this news is too awesome not to pass along. Any readers who enjoy fantasy RPGs, in-depth stories, and amazing weapons/abilities should definitely check out this game when it releases on October 7th. As a veteran of this franchise, I assure you…there will be no disappointment.

  3. Blood mages are totally sweet and powerful, but my favorite was always the Arcane Warrior, especially since it fell in well with my Elven background. I usually took a lot of AoE spells to do distance damage, then ran in with my party to do some hack n slash. Battlemage for the win!

    Can’t wait to see what specializations are available in this one.

  4. So Ready for This 😀
    2 Made me so sad after beating origins, I did like the noticeably faster combat though.

    1. I didn’t so much mind the hack-n-slash combat of 2, but more-so the lack of character customization, no different races to choose from and less appealing party members.

  5. I’m replaying Dragon Age 2 right now to complete my PC experience. I grew really attached to my dual wielding warrior city elf who grew too attached to the sorceress and is currently searching the land looking for her.

    In DA2, I’m playing the default fem Hawke force Mage.

    For this game, I’m seriously considering playing a Qunari. Turns out if you’re an elf you have to be Dalish, which kinda sucks because the Dalish are pants-on-head retarded.

    1. I want a demo for this, stat, just so I can play around with the character creator. That’s what sold me on Dragon’s Dogma. Speaking of which, Dragon’s Dogma 2 needs to be a thing. Right now.

      1. Man I love Dragon’s Dogma. Latest blog post I did is borderline fan fiction from my experience with it. I don’t even have any real expectations with it, I just want more of it. I think DD is likely one of my top 5 games, along with Chrono Cross, God Eater Burst, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and Final Fantasy VII.

      2. I put at least 300 hours across two full playthroughs with NG+ each time and loved it. I didn’t have high hopes until I played the demo and immediately pre-ordered it the next day. I loved the world, how punishingly difficult it was at night and how even just giant monsters roaming the world required some fun strategy. When I wrote my own blog, it was my GOTY.

      3. I don’t understand why I was so hyped on that game, and boy did it not disappoint. Same actually for Bravely Default. But my hype meter was on 11 for that game, and my fun came out to be 11 as well.

        Game is a 6 in the “pretty” department though.

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