Iron Galaxy Studios Confirms Killer Instinct Season 2, Will Have 8 New Fighters, “No Mercy” Finishing Moves


With Killer Instinct‘s season 1 under wraps and and a new developer in Iron Galaxy Studios, what’s next for the Xbox One exclusive? Turns out a 2nd season has been confirmed during the latest PlayXBLA stream, and will feature 8 new fighters and the return of No Mercy finishing moves. When can I pre-order?

Although none of the new fighters have been confirmed, there just so happens to be exactly 8 classic fighters missing from the current roster — Cinder, Riptor, TJ Combo, Tusk, Kim Wu, Maya, Gargos and Eyedol.

The previous entry’s No Mercy finishers were absent from the 2013 release, but Iron Galaxy wants to bring them back in to the spotlight. It may take Microsoft, Double Helix and Iron Galaxy a year, but Killer Instinct is finally shaping up to be a complete fighter.

While season 1 offered a season pass that featured additional retro costumes and an exclusive port of the original Killer Instinct, there is no word yet on whether season 2 will offer something similar — a port of Killer Instinct 2, or Killer Instinct Gold perhaps?

Which missing characters would you like to see return? Are you more interested in returning classics, or would you rather see some new blood like Double Helix introduced with Sadira?

(source – EGM)

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    1. I think you mean Riptor, or your imagination has somehow amalgamated the Killer Instinct fighter with the stuffed T-rex from Rugrats. If that’s the case though, you’re far more powerful than we imagined.

  1. I can see them leaving out Eyedol in favor of an original character. I love the new Killer instinct anyway. As long as they keep the balancing that this original 8 have I’ll be happy.

  2. So in other words, this will now be the Killer Instinct that should have been released in the first place, and not the half-assed piece of overhyped shit Double Helix handed us.

    1. Lol, it’s one thing to be upset about the lack of characters, but the game was far from an overhyped piece of shit. Hopefully they release season 2 as a complete package rather than in small doses, but the first season was one of the most polished fighters to release in a while.

  3. I wish they bring back Tj…Kim wui… tusk……cinder… mya…. and give us 3 new character including 1chick..always more guys then girls should be a even fair play

    1. Sadira was well accepted once the game went live, so I’m sure the fan base is a lot more open to new characters. Cinder and TJ Combo are my big ones that I’d like to see, and I know Miles has been sending them gifts to entice them in to bringing back Riptor.

  4. I just hope iron galaxy keep everything running smoothly like the 1st season and add more unique detailed stages besides bringing in old or new characters with finishers. Killer instinct is a fighting game in its own prime and styled very different from the rest. IRON GALAXY BETTER NOT DISAPPOINT US FANS ON THIS ONE!!

  5. Also I’m definitely looking forward to how iron galaxy develop shadow moves , combos, and ultra combos for these new improved characters as a season 2 release. Killer instinct can be one of the biggest fighting games to show off the power of Xbox one and become an ongoing addition of future characters and stages yet to come as the game expands beyond our expectations

    1. I think now that the game is established on the Xbox One and we all know it’s good, we’ll be seeing more new characters rather than just a slew of oldies. Iron Galaxy also has a long history in the fighting genre, so I’m confident they’ll deliver the goods.

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