DRIVECLUB Gets An Official Release Date


Long delays and reports of huge problems with DRIVECLUB have been the only bits of news about the game for quite some time. However, the game officially has a release date.

DRIVECLUB is set to arrive on the PS4 October 7th of 2014 in North America, a full eleven months behind its original release date. Europe and the UK will have to wait until October 8th and 10th, respectively. If you recall, DRIVECLUB was to be a launch tittle for the PS4 back in November of 2013. Since then the game has be pulled back and reworked. It has even seen its game director, Col Rodgers, leave developer Evolution Studios. Hopefully all this turmoil has let the studio produce a game that provides the rich racing experience that they set out to create.

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dudewantshisrugPaul Novak is a self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing in the west side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet. Found here at What’s Your Tag? and on the Twitter @dudewantshisrug. Game on with Team XBRO!


    1. This is exactly what I was wondering, myself.

      I’m with you on the PS4 needing more retail games. They have it nailed with indie exclusives, but for retail stuff the only things I own are inFAMOUS Second Son, Final Fantasy XIV and Injustice Ultimate Edition =\.

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