Low Budget Gamer: World of Warcraft and Mists of Pandaria 50% Off Until May 6th


World of Warcraft‘s upcoming expansion Warlords of Draenor is launching later this year in December, but if you’re still playing catch up or looking to finally pick up the MMO, Blizzard is running a 50% off sale on all current content until May 6th. 

World of Warcraft and the Mists of Pandaria expansion are currently on sale for $10 each, which is a complete steal. Blizzard recently merged the original World of Warcraft with The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm expansions, so your initial $10 investment will not only include all of that content, but also cover your first month of subscription time.

$10 is a great price to experience fighting Illidan in Black Temple during The Burning Crusade, taking it to Arthas in Wrath of the Lich King, and witnessing the devastation caused by Deathwing during CataclysmMists of Pandaria is the most recent expansion, offering a massive lore-filled continent to explore, new PVP grounds, new dungeons and raids to take part in, a new playable race in the Pandaren, the new Monk class, and increases the level cap to 90.

As someone who has had an on-again-off-again relationship with World of Warcraft for the last 9 years, I can totally get behind this sale. It’s a great MMO that offers a ton of content, fun classes to play, a solid end-game raiding environment and a highly competitive PVP scene.

Do we have any World of Warcraft players in the audience, former or current? I haven’t played for the last 6 months, but until then I was really active playing as both a Moonkin and Warlock.

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gamercard Bradley Keene is an avid gamer & aspiring writer from Baltimore, MD that handles news, reviews and editing here at What’s Your Tag?. If he’s not writing or knee-deep in a video game, he’s usually watching low-budget horror films or following Orioles baseball. Follow him on TwitterTwitch or contact him by e-mail. Love gaming? Join TEAM XBRO today!


  1. I am a former Holy Paladin. This deal may cause recovering WOW addicts to go into relapse.

    1. Oh, I know the relapse feeling all too well. I’ve never missed an expansion launch and this is the longest I’ve been absent from the game. I like having an MMO in my life to fill the gaps between console games, and currently I’m content with FFXIV.

      My 90 Paladin was Ret, but I switched to Holy to get faster LFR queue times. I ended up loving it and never looking back.

      1. FFXIV is pretty good. I would still be playing it now, but for some reason Square don’t accept my debit card whenever I try subscribing.

      2. Very odd. I really want to check out ESO after playing around with the PC version on my girlfriend’s account.

  2. lol no doubt, it’s almost worth getting a new account just to RaF some toons for shits and giggles

    1. As if you need anymore 90’s, right? Lol. Trust me, I thought about it as well. While I was looking up the deal, I saw that if you preorder Warlords of Draenor you get a free level 90 right now and an exclusive Dread Raven flying mount. Why, Blizzard.. WHY?!

  3. Oh snap.

    I am now considering taking a look at this series… RPGs have not looked more interesting than they already are (except for Super Paper Mario. VIVA LA SUPER PAPER MARIO)

    Considering my age, I may not play. But I will check this out :O

    1. WoW is a lot of fun, but jumping in to it late you definitely have a lot of catching up to do lol. If you check it out you most likely will not be disappointed.

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