New Details on Upcoming Titanfall Map


Want to rundown another Titan in a concrete canal? It could be your death or your escape, but you won’t know until you play on the upcoming map titled Runoff

is showing us some of the goods they plan to deliver in Titanfall’s first batch of DLC. Slated to release this month, the DLC pack will be called Expedition and feature three new maps. War Games was already detailed as a “parkour playground”‘ for pilots and includes paintball style fields for Titans. The newly detailed map is poised as somewhat of a spiritual opposite. Runoff was conceptualized early in Titanfall’s development, but game designer Geoff Smith pulled it back out for another look when the prospective of DLC maps came about. This new map is designed to have both pilots and Titans operate in a smaller, tighter environment.

Concrete canals weave through the map, making tight fighting quarters for Titans and a good spot for pilots to attack them. This is not a good place to be if you get trapped with enemy Titans on each side of you.


The map area was to be in the original release of the game, but was pulled due to development restraints. Given more data on how players actually play the game has allowed Respawn to revive this map and add it to the DLC package. Swampland is the last map in the Expedition pack and has yet to be detailed. The release date has not been set either. We only know that it is to be released some time in May. Check out the official news release from Respawn about Runoff. It includes a few additional photos, but also gives a little bit of insight as to how the designers consider environments. This is not something that every developer actually considers and shows just how Respawn has given players the well balanced multi-player experience they have been missing.

Who else is ready for some more Titanfall?

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