What’s Your Tag? Brocast: ESO Delay Disappointment and Omega Bidoof

In today’s long overdue episode of the What’s Your Tag? Brocast, we share our disappointment in the delayed console version of The Elder Scrolls Online and discuss what Nintendo should do to make Bidoof cool. 

Thanks for listening to our brotastic podcast! We hope you folks enjoyed the tale of my strange dream and the incredible potential of a really badass Bidoof. Be sure to stick around all the way til the end for a very special treat. I hope you folks like electronic music.

Now that we’ve coordinated everyone’s schedules, we hope to pump out one of these bad boys at least once a week. If you like what you hear, let us know! Our goal is create something that is as fun to listen to, as it is to record. If there are any topics you’d like us to tackle, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

If you’d like to play with us sometime, be sure to add us on Xbox Live! 


  1. Hard to tell who’s who. I assume Beltravi is the girl, and Mileson is the one with the best mic. Outside of that, I have no idea.

    Still, good podcast. Horror/Metal Pokemon would be awesome. Bidankadonk gains Techno Blast, pulls out the Natty Ice, and asks everyone if they wanna play GameCube on the big screen.

      1. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about feminism in gaming and games that get it right. Also just trying to think of empowering female designs.

        Another possible topic could be altruism vs utilitarianism. I plan on doing a post when I can about how the new captain American was nothing but that. I think some games are either all one way or the other with no real way in between.

      2. I think the feminism one could be cool from the prospectives of the Bro army, and the fact you have a woman who could speak her mind.

        Or you all could just talk about why every young RPG witch has to be young, busty, and attractive: ala Bound By Flame or Dragon Age.

      3. Response to paragraph 1 – Nobody wants to hear Beltravi talk for that long.

        Paragraph 2 – Because boobs.

        But seriously, the feminism topic could be a pretty solid one, so we’ll see. Thanks!

      4. I’m the one who sounds far because I have a tendency to talk loudly, so I move the mic away from my face. Brad is the one that sounds like a chick and Anthony and Kayla sound pretty damn similar.

      5. Diversity is key here at What’s Your Tag?, but I was actually saying Brad sounds like a woman and Kayla sounds like a man. The classic two-for burn.

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