Halo: The Master Chief Collection Lands on Xbox One Later This Year


So Halo 5: Guardians and the Halo TV series have officially been confirmed for 2015, with more information to follow at E3 2014. But what about 2014? I’m glad you asked, as Halo: The Master Chief Collection will release later this year and contain remastered versions of Halo 1-4. Yeah, go ahead and sit down for a few minutes.

Since this is The Master Chief Collection, we won’t be seeing Halo: Reach or ODST, but think of it as Halo 1-4: HD Collection. It’s a nice way for those of you new to the series to brush up before Halo 5: Guardians next year, and a better way for us long-addicted Halo fanatics to get Legendary on the Xbox One.

As mentioned in the Engadget article, Sabre Interactive was responsible for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary on the Xbox 360 and they’re currently working on an unknown Xbox One title, so this could be the one in question, although nothing is confirmed.


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  1. If they’re somehow able to make any gun usable for the multplayer maps, that would be dope. Like the Halo 1 pistol vs BR on Hang em High. Who would win…

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