YouTube Reported to Purchase Twitch TV for $1 Billion


Twitch TV has seen a massive rise in popularity among console gamers, largely due to easy access within both the PS4 and Xbox One‘s UI. YouTube has been interested in live streaming for a while now, but reports indicate that the Google-owned giant is closing in on a deal that would have them purchasing Twitch for a massive $1 billion.

As someone who writes for a website that relies on Twitch to deliver quality live streams of new and current games, I’m now concerned that YouTube’s constant policy and functionality changes will eventually bleed in to the Twitch service and dull the experience. Nothing is finalized at this point, so we’ll have to wait and see whether YouTube plans to merge the Twitch service in to YouTube, or just keep it as-is and leave well enough alone.

Either way, the purchasing of Twitch by YouTube is huge news, but whether or not it’s good or bad news will be up for debate until we receive concrete details.

How do you feel about the potential Twitch purchase?

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gamercard Bradley Keene is an avid gamer & aspiring writer from Baltimore, MD that handles news, reviews and editing here at What’s Your Tag?. If he’s not writing or knee-deep in an MMO, he’s usually watching low-budget horror films or following Orioles baseball. Follow him on Twitter, Twitch or contact him by e-mail. Love gaming? Join TEAM XBRO today!


  1. Eventually google and apple will own everything to do with multi-media and gaming one way or another, I’m hoping that if they do buy Twitch that they will not change the policies too much and keep it roughly the same.

  2. Its hard to too say, the downside is Youtube’s copyright laws really making us iffy on the whole matter but’s empire will grow so much faster. The only reason why you haven’t seen any advertisement for Twitch is the fact that it’s growing too fast for it to keep up. This problem could be rectified by Google however at the cost of Youtube legal logic.

    I don’t know, we’ll wait and see.

    1. Yeah, we’ll just have to wait. I’m hoping YouTube’s copyright policies don’t mess up Twitch, or their mass amount of advertisements.

  3. No.

    No. No. No. No. No.

    IMO it would be pretty lethal for Youtube and Twitch to try and coexist if their content policies become unified. If there is a petition floating around that protests this, link to me please?

    I can see nothing but harm done through this acquisition.

    1. I think we’ll have to wait until it becomes official before the protesting begins, but if one pops up I’ll be sure to link it here!

  4. Google Plus coming to a Twitch stream near you… yay?

    It’s a strange purchase when you consider that Youtube like to take down gaming vids on copyright grounds.

    1. YouTube has been wanting to get in to the live streaming biz for a while now, and what better place to start than Twitch I suppose. I think their copyright policies are what’s causing the most concern for Twitch fans and users.

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