New Video for Destiny Arrives on PS4


Bungie has slipped out a new video of Destiny on the PS4. Not a lot of actual gameplay this time around, but more detailed information on how to play from the developers themselves.

The developers give out a few small details of how players will operate the game. Small things like double tapping X will use your class’s ability to lift, double jump, or glide. Another control mechanic mentioned was the “super” or heavy damage attack (the one that your character will go into third person to perform), which is activated by pulling R1 and L1 simultaneously.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit of information was how players interact. The play space will be shared among players with events happening throughout the world. You and your party may come across a battle in progress at any time. You will then have a choice to participate (you do so simply by firing a round into the battle) or just walk away.

It is a short clip, but a revealing one. I would expect to see a few more of these and some more bits of information come out as we approach E3 2014.

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dudewantshisrugPaul Novak is a self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing in the west side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet. Found here at What’s Your Tag? and on the Twitter @dudewantshisrug. Game on with Team XBRO!


  1. I’m thinking about buying a PS4 over the Xbone in order to get the MOST out of games like these.

    1. Destiny and Watch Dogs have content exclusive to PS4 but others have Xbox One exclusive. MGS: Ground Zeros ended up making the exclusive content available to both systems.

      1. I was actually talking about the PS4’s superior hardware. If Destiny is a game that’s supposed to last for the next 10 years, then I want the best graphical performance. I don’t really care about little bits of exclusive content per console.

      2. Oh…both hardware platforms should be solid for years. I like the PS4 better myself and am looking forward to getting some triple a games to play.

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