Titanfall: Expedition DLC Review


After months of waiting, fans finally get the first batch of map DLC for the titanic shooter Titanfall. After several hours of hands on gameplay, I believe I have a solid understanding of what the new maps have to offer. Were they worth the wait?

The Expedition DLC pack consists of three maps: Wargames, Runoff, and Swampland. Let’s take a look at each one of them.

Wargames is the first of the maps announced. It is the Tron-like map that is contextualized as a training simulator. As soon as you start running around on this map you will recognize buildings from some of the game’s original maps. Blended in with these are white-walled structures that look like unfinished game elements. I found that the contrast of the dark buildings and white structures could be distracting.The map has great layouts for fast pilot travel. You can get across the map in almost a heartbeat.

The map called Runoff is the tightest space of any Titanfall map. This is another industrial area map, much like many of the original maps. Several buildings litter the center, with passageways both through and underneath. The small spaces can make for some pretty crowded gameplay and the channel through the middle of the map can be a total death trap. In my first game, see the above clip, I was pinned in-between two enemy Titans. Things can get fast and furious, especially in the trench.

Swampland is probably the best addition to the map roster. True to its name, it’s a swamp area with what appears to be some type of refinery. This sets up pipelines that can be used to traverse one side of the map. On the other side of the map are what look like older, rundown buildings. This is the more visually interesting side of the map. The thoughtful layout allows players to sneak through buildings to escape or hide and even provides a few solid vantage points for sniping. Even after several play throughs, I don’t think I’ve found all the pathways available on this map.

Overall, the new maps are just as fun and exciting as any of the originals. Playing several game types on each map reveals that each stage was meticulously crafted. These maps are great additions and will help to add variety to play sessions. Hopefully the remaining two DLC packs will deliver the same level of quality. I would give this DLC a higher score, but I do have a couple complaints. Other than more spaces to play in, the DLC didn’t add anything to the game. There are no additional game types or items that come with it. Recently there were some additional features added to the game, but they were part of a patch and not the DLC. As much as I like the new maps, I don’t know that they are a great value at $10. It just feels like there should have been more content for the money.

Expedition DLC Review

Recommended for fans of: Titanfall and first-person shooters.

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