Xbox One June Update Adds External Storage Support, Digital Game Sharing and More!


An Xbox One system update will take place at some point next month, allowing owners to use USB 3.0 external storage devices, share games stored on the device with friends, display real names and more!

The biggest update coming in June is the ability to use USB external storage devices on the console. The external storage device must be USB 3.0 compatible and at least 256 GB in size. Once connected, you’ll be able to transfer any full-game download (including DLC) from your Xbox One to your storage device and then play them on any other Xbox One console. So if you decide to take Super TIME Force over to your buddy’s house, all you’ll have to do is hook up your USB storage device and sign in on their console with your Xbox Live account to verify ownership.

Also coming in June is the ability to display real names on your Xbox Live friend list. You’ll have the option to display your name to friends, friends of friends, or not at all, so if you wish to remain anonymous the option will still be there.

But wait! There’s more! You’ll soon be able to select an account on your Xbox One to sign in automatically when you turn on your console. This is pretty handy, as you’ll no longer have to rely on Kinect’s facial recognition or sign in manually using a controller. On top of that, Xbox One will receive a SmartGlass update that allows you to access OneGuide from your tablet or mobile device. According to Xbox Live‘s Major Nelson, you’ll be able to use SmartGlass as a universal remote to switch channels and control your DVR.

Also coming to SmartGlass is the ability to move around pinned apps on your Xbox One, as well as notifications when your friends log on or start broadcasting via Twitch. And finally, to our friends outside of the United States, Xbox One TV and OneGuide will finally become available in Canada, Germany, Italy, France, UK and Spain with June’s update.

Let all of that information soak in for a while. June is going to be a great month for Xbox One owners.


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gamercard Bradley Keene is an avid gamer & aspiring writer from Baltimore, MD that handles news, reviews and editing here at What’s Your Tag?. If he’s not writing or knee-deep in an MMO, he’s usually watching low-budget horror films or following Orioles baseball. Follow him on Twitter, Twitch or contact him by e-mail. Love gaming? Join TEAM XBRO today!


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