DRIVECLUB: Making The Most Out of Extra Development Time


The best things come to those who wait. Evolution Studios is looking to reward our patience by using the extra development time to not only enhance the game, but add content as well. An additional eleven months is allowing the developer to add more cars and social integration to their game, as there will be fifty cars available within the full version, ranging from open wheel to sports cars.

The social integration will be available both in the game and a companion app. From the game’s dashboard you can set challenges or see challenges within your club, and there will also be club leaderboards so you can keep check on how you stack up against your club members.

Your play won’t always be about finishing first. Challenges will be available throughout the game and can even change within a race; things like longest drift, quickest lap, or reaching a high-speed will be rewarded. You’ll even be able to drive your with the Dualshock 4’s motion controls if you prefer to do so.

I was really disappointed when DRIVECLUB slipped out of the PS4 launch line-up. Every time I see more about the game, I can feel the excitement coming back.

(Source: PS Blog)

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