Powerstar Golf Goes Free-to-Play on Xbox One.. Sort of.


The Xbox One launch title Powerstar Golf has ventured in to the free-to-play zone, now offering console owners a diet version of its original retail release at no cost. Of course you can still purchase the full version of the game, but doing so separately somehow ends up costing you more money. I know, I don’t get it either.

The free version of Powerstar Golf is essentially a demo, as you’ll have access to one hole from each of the game’s four courses. Each course can then be purchased individually for $5.99, or bundled together for the original retail price of $19.99. Purchasing the full version of Powerstar Golf will also give you access to free future updates, such as the new Coyote Canyon course that was added to the game earlier today.

You’ll be glad to know that starting off with the free version will allow you to transfer your data should you decide to upgrade in the future. It’s good to know that all of that XP and currency won’t be going to waste, right? And trust me, if you don’t cave in to the game’s micro-transaction system, you’ll be doing a whole lot of grinding for better gear.

So what are you waiting for? Go hit the greens, and just remember that the clubs are used for golf, not random acts of violence. Although I do miss being able to bludgeon my caddy in Outlaw Golf.

(Source: VG247 via EuroGamer)

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    1. I’m okay with micro-transactions as long as it doesn’t feel pay-to-win. You can unlock everything in Powerstar Golf the normal way, so the only advantage to the micro-transaction is to buy new gear faster. Gear is also purchased in randomized card packs, so you always have no idea what you’re getting, further emphasizing that their micro-transactions aren’t exactly pay-to-win.

      1. If it’s aesthetic stuff in free to play titles then I’m all for it. But buying gear and stuff prior to putting the work to unlocking it feels like an unnesisary fast lane.

      2. I guess that depends on the person, really. If someone wants to enjoy the game, but doesn’t have the amount of free time needed to unlock stuff, I can see micro-transactions being appealing. It’s when they seem forced or intrusive that it bothers the shit out of me.

        Warframe and Hearthstone are both great examples of F2P done right, but you can literally buy new stuff from the get-go. All stuff you can earn on your own time if that’s your moral standard.

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