Half-Life 3 News & New Left 4 Dead in the Works “Looks Great”


Former Valve employee and Counter-Strike co-creator Minh Le spoke with Twitch channel goRGNtv about a few interesting things, like seeing some concept art that “looked kinda like in the Half Life universe“. Le seemed to tread lightly when it came to Half Life 3 information, but confirmed that a new Left 4 Dead was in the works and that it “looks great.

Whether or not this is Left 4 Dead 3 or some sort of spin-off, Le just refers to it as “the new Left 4 Dead” and stated “I saw it, it looks great. I was really excited when I saw that, I was like ‘wow, this looks great’. Because I really enjoyed Left 4 Dead, it was just one of those games that really just changed the industry. I think at the time there wasn’t many good co-op games, so yeah, this is a great co-op game.

This quote about Minh Le’s Half-Life 3 response is taken directly from OXM:

I don’t think I can talk about that, to be honest, but I think it’s kind of public knowledge, that people know that it is being worked on. And so if I were to say that yeah, I’ve seen some images, like some concept art of it, that wouldn’t be big news to be honest. But yeah, I mean like I guess I could say that I did see something that looked kinda like in the Half-Life universe. And I mean it wouldn’t surprise anyone if I said they’re doing it, they’re working on it, yeah. So to go on a limb I’d say I did see some concept art for Half-Life 3.

We all know Valve has a hard time counting to 3, but it’s at least a little reassuring that some sort of new Left 4 Dead is in the works. Possibly seeing concept art that “looks kinda likeHalf-Life 3 isn’t enough information for me to jump for joy though.

(Sourch: OXM via goRGNtv)

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