Supposed “Leaked” Super Smash Bros. Screens Show 50 Character Slots


This tasty rumor was posted on Gamnesia earlier today, but as soon as I saw 4chan as the source I immediately questioned its legitimacy. It’s also worth mentioning that the original source post has since been deleted.

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In my best Rod Serling voice, I submit to you for your viewing pleasure four potential screen shots. They’re supposedly leaked from the upcoming Super Smash Bros. character select screen, showing an incomplete roster of 50 playable characters. If these turned out to be legitimate screenshots, that would mean that Nintendo would have 20 more characters to reveal, as the recently announced Ike was #30.

As a few folks in their comments section pointed out, the third screenshot shows a character to the left of Pit, while this character is apparently absent in the other 3 screenshots. You’ll also notice that Sonic is alone in the first screenshot, but is sitting next to Mega Man and diagonal from Little Mac in the following photos.

Another thing that I noticed is that a few of the characters — namely Sonic, Little Mac, Villager and Mega Man — seem to be using photos directly from their character reveal trailers as their character select images, which I feel also reduces the credibility of the photos being actual leaks. I could just be seeing things, but check the trailers in the links I provided and let me know if I’m being crazy.

What do you guys think? It’s hard to believe anything on the internet anymore, and although the screenshots do seem convincing at first glance, the more I look at them the less I believe it.

(Source: Gamnesia via 4chan)

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