What’s Your Tag? Brocast: Nintendo’s Fall From Grace


In the fifth episode of our What’s Your Tag? Brocast, the gang discusses the current state of Nintendo and their failing console, the Wii U. We share our thoughts on what the company is doing wrong and how they can change the future.

We’re all huge Nintendo fans. We’ve been playing on their consoles for over 20 years and that’s why we’re so passionate about this topic. It hurts watching someone or something you care about slip out of existence and at this rate, it won’t be long before everyone’s favorite gaming company becomes completely irrelevant.

Thanks for listening to our brotastic podcast! If you like what you hear, let us know! Our goal is create something that is as fun to listen to, as it is to record. If there are any topics you’d like us to tackle, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


  1. There is one field that could bring some attention back to Nintendo: Super Paper Mario. Before people scream and rip my head off for mentioning an RPG from 2007, hear me out.

    Super Paper Mario is ultimately considered the darkest Mario game of all time. No taking over the world, no kidnapping princesses, not of that nonsense. A pixelated black hole destroying everything and turning them into nothing at all but white rubble.

    The story was a big hit that caught the attention of most people, so that’s a plus.

    The locations have memories burnt into people’s heads and hearts. MEMORIES. Memories of seeing a nerd fort bigger that Bowser’s castle AND volcano. Memories of seeing a black castle tucked into a pixelated black hole. Memories of a complete world in 8-bit.

    The cast. OH GOSH. The cast is as big a hitter as the story is. Not the good guys: the bad guys. Think about it: An angst-ridden count from an endangered species, his secretary that has a huge crush on him but has no heart to say so, a giant mountain of brute force with no brain that flies around on farts, a cute little girl that can transform into a creepy spider that scared the living tar out of Let’s Players everywhere, a half-psycho jester that has very secret motives and an evil Luigi who is a mechanical genius. An evil Luigi. In BLACK. That openly hit on Princess Peach throughout the game!

    We are still talking about Nintendo. The very Nintendo that is failing today. Super Paper Mario took advantage of motion controls for the Wii, and if they ever made a sequel that took advantage of the Game Pad… The world might regain courage. If you wish for my sequel idea or any idea on this matter, just respond to this comment.

    …Whew. That was a long comment :/

    1. Super Paper Mario was a solid Wii title. I loved the 2/3D platforming mechanic and the story was definitely quite dark for the world of Mario. I’m still more of a fan of the traditional turn-based style Mario RPG games, the one on SNES being my favorite, but I would love another entry for the Wii U.

      1. If they ever revived anything about Super Paper Mario, this girl will be going and getting it as soon as humanely possible

      2. Never had the chance to check it out, really. Everybody I asked about it said it was honestly not so good

      3. I only had the opportunity to play it at a friend’s house for a few minutes. The sticker battle mechanic seemed like it could be pretty fun, also quite annoying because once you use a sticker/move, it’s gone until you find the sticker again.

      4. Huh. That is pretty confusing… My friend asked me to do Super Paper Mario voice overs. I made Count Bleck sound like a total beast, made Mimi sound like a Chipette (I always thought she sounded like Brittany), and made Nastasia sound like a bit of a teenager. Now. I need to test out a few voice lines for Dimentio… Oh my gosh that will be a bit difficult

      1. They just don’t seem to understand/care that we all want online play. Mario with online co-op would be a God-send. I’d play that every day.

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