New Sunset Overdrive Trailer Shows Off Two New Weapons


Waiting for Sunset Overdrive to release is pretty painful, but the folks at Insomniac are steadily pumping out new teasers via Sunset TV. Today’s trailer introduces two weapons that you’ll be using to blow stuff up, and blow stuff up.. bigger? Yeah, that works. Print it.

First up is High Fidelity, which combines the contents of a hipster’s record collection with some sort of launching device. The end result sends records ricocheting off walls, cars, skulls and whatever else they come in contact with. Also mentioned in the video is the ability to make your records gold, like Nickelback, as you raise your star rating.

The final weapon shown could have come straight out of Dead Rising 3, the TNTeddy. The TNTeddy is practically a grenade launcher, but replaces all the sharp parts with a stuffed animal and gives it one hell of a blast radius. The TNTeddy seems to have some pretty good range and can be fired at an arc for Kobe-style trick shots over objects in the environment.

They also responded to a fan question asking how melee was going to factor in to Sunset Overdrive, stating that while melee attacks are only limited to one button, they can be customized with amps. Players can also melee attack while grinding, and land some heavy hitting ground slam attacks from the air.

In response to how the single-player experience was going to differ from the online multiplayer portion of the game, Sunset Overdrive will feature a massive campaign full of optional side-objectives, but they’re waiting to discuss that information at a later time. I believe they actually used “#SOON” as a reply.

That’s all for today, but as more Sunset Overdrive news hits the press, you know the bro-squad here at What’s Your Tag? will have you covered!

(Source: Total Xbox)

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