Nintendo Launches Mario Kart TV


Nintendo has launched Mario Kart TV, which showcases videos from Mario Kart 8. The game just launched today, so look for lots of fresh videos to comb through. The site is searchable just in case there is one particular character or track you are looking to see. However, if you want to watch your friend’s videos or your own, you will need to sign in with your Nintendo Network account.

The fact that all the videos are hosted on Youtube is interesting to me. We just heard earlier this week about their affiliate program and how they will be taking their share of ad revenue. It makes me wonder if part of the game’s usage agreement enrolls the user in the program or if they must sign up separately.

What perplexes me is that if Nintendo has the technology to post to Youtube, why is not enabled for more games? Why do they not have more social features? Is Nintendo that ultra-conservative?

(Sources: Joystiq, Mario Kart TV)

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