Another day and another video about The Order: 1886. If you were hoping to learn more about the game, you best lower your expectations before you watch the video.

The entire video is narrated by one of the developers and he speaks about the lore of the game. He goes on about how they used advanced game capture technology to truly blur the lines between gameplay and cinematics. Too bad he didn’t say anything in regards to what the game is actually about beyond what we already knew.

Even if you read the accompanying blog post by Ryan Clements, you will not gather much more information. His entire article goes on at length about how good the game looks and how well the controls work. Two things that can only be truly judged in person and which opinions can differ greatly.

I like to look for the oddities and I found a goodie here:


Do you see what I’m talking about? If you scratched your head and mumbled “but that’s a PS3 screenshot”, then you see what I did. Was this or is this game being developed for the PS3? My hope is that it is just a PS3 theme but why would you want a PS3 theme for a game that you can only play on the PS4? So confusing and so silly.

If I could give Sony and Ready At Dawn any advice right now, it would be to just shut the publicity machine off for awhile. The game has already been delayed, so you should just save this stuff for E3 and beyond. Your embarrassing yourselves.
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  1. I hate when companies do this. We know next to nothing about this. The graphics are beautiful, but hows the gameplay? Bound by Flame did something similar and when Spiders finally showed off some gameplay everyone lost interest in the game. It seems like every time I consider getting a PS4 I end up changing my mind because I don’t like the game line up for it.

    1. I seriously think they need to stop pushing out press about it for a while. Taking time to retool and regroup is fine by me. It is better than spamming people and confusing them about the game.

      1. I agree. Right now I’m actually losing interest in the game because I haven’t seen anything to get really excited about. I also hope this game is open enough for me to enjoy. A lot of the games on both consoles so far are really linear.

      2. I was excited for it too when it was first announced. Now it’s like Watch Dogs to me. I just lost interest as time went by.

      3. They over hyped Watch Dogs to the point I just didn’t care about it anymore. I can’t say anything about the game itself because I chose not to buy it.

      4. If you ever buy it make sure it’s not on the PC. The game is literally broken on it. I don’t own it, but I am playing through it now. My friend and I have been taking turns with it for the last few days on his PC. It’s over hyped and honestly it’s kind of boring. The hacking is fun but that’s about it.

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