Hyrule Hysteria

The Hyrule Hysteria

When it comes to patience, even the “Hero of Hyrule” has his limits. Fans quickly grew tired of Navi’s incessant nagging after she was introduced in Ocarina of Time. In a cruel attempt to try and create an even more annoying character, Nintendo and Capcom partnered to forge the demon-bird, Ezlo, in Minish Cap. If you suddenly realized these two were the closest things you had to friends, you’d probably lose your mind as well.

“So how exactly did Link manage to find a 9mm handgun in Hyrule?,” you ask. You’d be surprised what those shady bandits are selling over in Forest Picori.

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      1. Yeah man, me too. The exception being that the facial expressions were awesome, and it made Zelda have a personality, like Tetra from WW. The rest of the game was borderline garbage.

      2. Graphically it was very impressive for a Wii game, but the gameplay crafting, and overall feel of the game was just off. They tried to hard to be be Skyrim and force all this extra content into the game.

      3. The worst offender to me were the disappointing dungeons, and the fact that Skyloft or the above-cloud over world, really had nothing to do. It made flying a chore. Oh and Fi. I could go the rest of my life without her telling me what a beetle or rupee is again in her crazy animal crossing voice.

      4. I remember completing the first dungeon and just thinking “Really? That was it?” Navigating Skyloft was a chore, but the thing that really killed me was the fact that Nintendo introduced these huge beautiful areas filled with nothing. Every new area was just a giant field with a few trees and bushes sprinkled about.

      1. If I end up morbidly obese, I’m going to give up on life and just cosplay as Tingle to every convention, getting to and from by relying on the kindness of strangers.

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