Nintendo Layoffs Hit Europe Offices

NINTENDO_LOGOIt Seems like Nintendo can’t catch a break. Even with Mario Kart 8 selling over a million copies in less than a week, the news is still bleak for the company as they have announced layoffs at their European offices. The layoffs will cost 130 people their jobs and consolidate two offices in Germany.

“Nintendo of Europe has entered into a consultation process on a number of changes it is intending to make to its European business which, in the long term, will better enable the European business to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment,” a statement reads. “The measures include the consolidation of the current European headquarters in Großostheim (Germany) to Frankfurt (Germany), the closure of the  warehouse and office in Großostheim, as well as outsourcing and reorganising  some functions.

“These intended measures have not been made lightly and have only been arrived at after thorough analysis and careful consideration. The intended measures will sadly have a direct effect on some of the employees based in the Großostheim and Frankfurt offices in Germany and would lead to the release of approximately 130 permanent employees.

“Nintendo of Europe is committed to a fair consultation process with the local Works Council in Germany with the objective of  providing  clarity and support for all affected employees as soon as possible.”

I hate being the bearer of bad news. I hate even hearing it. Makes you feel like this…


(Source: IGN)

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      1. Lol I ironically have a wiiu, it isn’t my favorite system for the simple fact that I haven’t found and that one game that made me love the system. My boyfrobed loves it though, I get it though, he loves to play the old Nintendo games on it but still.

      2. That’s exactly why I’ve never talked myself into getting one! All I would be playing is the old games because there is nothing new or exclusive to the Wii U that I think makes it worth it.

      3. Yeah I don’t mind playing old games, I collect retro games. I know Nintendo is family oriented when it comes to their games but there are many games not on the Wii U that should be on the Wii U. I know Mario Kart 8 sold millions and that’s great and all but still, I want more from them.

      4. They are big on their own stuff but nobody else really puts anything out on the Wii U and that is a problem. They should court some indies like Sony and Microsoft are.

      5. They really should court indies. I love indie games. They should just do what Sony and Microsoft is doing, I want to see more.

      6. Wii U has a good amount of indies, really. Chasing Aurora, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, both Mighty Switch Force games, Little Inferno, Nano Assault NEO, etc., They have some more indies coming down the line with Shovel Knight (which is exclusive), Pier Solar HD, Citizens of Earth and a bunch of shit that was funded through Kickstart.

        I don’t understand the Wii U has no exclusives argument either lol. They have more/better exclusives than the PS4 and Xbox One combined. It’s usual Nintendo fare, but it’s good stuff.

      7. I think I detect part of the problem. Much like myself, I’ll bet not many people are aware of the indie titles you mention being on Wii U. I had no idea any of those were on that platform.

      8. Nintendo’s marketing is total crap, so I’m not surprised lol. They tend to not advertise anything that isn’t theirs.

      9. Nope, but as soon as they’re on xbox live or PSN they’re advertised on the front page because sony and MS want their cut of the sales. Nintendo is just concerned about Nintendo.

      10. You would think they should realize that selling any game for the Wii U helps them. Apparently Nintendo just don’t want or know how to help themselves.

      11. I think they’ve relied on themselves for so long that they only know how to look out for number one. Look at The Wonderful 101. It’s the best Wii U game on the market, but it wasn’t made by Nintendo so it was poorly advertised and sold like shit. Same with ZombiU.

  1. Sure hope this doesn’t have a bad effect on them, they’ve been making some absolutely awesome stuff lately (especially Mario Kart 8). Theres also a tonne of stuff in E3 to look forward to if i remember correctly.

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