O’Donnell Suing Bungie

martinIn the case of strange getting stranger, Halo composer and former Bungie employee Marty O’Donnell is suing his former employer for unpaid benefits. O’Donnell and his lawyers apparently filed the suit back on May 1st and Bungie responded on May 27th by denying that he is owed any compensation for his unused vacation and other benefits.

O’Donnell’s firing on April 11th came as a shock to all and neither side has publicly offered any reason as to why it occurred. The fact that Bungie is not following its own policy of paying the unused benefits makes this case all the more confusing and bizarre. Perhaps Bungie is hoping to use this as leverage in the arbitration case O’Donnell has against them for other matters.

At least we’ll still get to hear O’Donnell’s work in Destiny when it is released, unless something makes that mysteriously change as well.

(Source: VentureBeat)

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