Low Budget Gamer: Dead Rising 3 and Peggle 2 Sale for Xbox One


Dead Rising 3 has had a bit of a resurgence lately, largely due in part to the new Arcade Remix DLC announced at E3 2014. If you want to throw down on some zombie slaying co-op action but haven’t picked up the game yet, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can pick up the digital release for $39.99, or even pick up the Premium Edition for $59.99.

Dead Rising 3: Premium Edition includes Dead Rising 3, the season pass, and a Los Perdidos Tourist costume for Nick. It’s essentially the same price as purchasing the game and season pass together, as the season pass is currently $10 off at $19.99. The season pass features 4 separate DLC story chapters, each focusing on a different NPC during the game’s campaign. We didn’t find the DLC chapters all that interesting, but if you’re looking to extend your game, $19.99 isn’t too bad of a deal. Of course you could just pick up the Arcade Remix DLC for $9.99 and call it a day.

If slaying zombies with whatever foreign object you find laying about isn’t your thing, Gold subscribers can also pick up the charming puzzler Peggle 2 for just $5.99.

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Bradley Keene is the Executive Editor here at What’s Your Tag?, generally handling news, reviews and a bit of our public relations communications. He’s an aspiring writer and Baltimore native that can usually be found watching terrible B-movies or knee-deep in an MMO. His favorite console is the Dreamcast, favorite game is the original Metroid and he could watch The Goonies for the rest of his life. Contact him by e-mail at the address above, or follow his insanity on Twitter.

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