Resogun ‘Heroes’ DLC Releases Today


PS4 launch title Resogun was just given a free update adding local co-op, a ship editor, and a handful of new achievements, but fans will have access to a brand new DLC pack today, entitled Heroes.

Heroes will offer the new Avernus stage, a Survival mode within that stage that features endless waves of enemies, and a new Demolition mode. According to XDEV Studio Europe, Demolition mode is basically “Resogun meets Arkanoid with a touch of Pinball.”, where you bounce an exploding ball around the stage.

Resogun‘s Heroes DLC is available today for $4.99. If you’d like to learn more about the DLC, especially the new Avernus stage and Survival mode, check out XDEV Studio Europe‘s official Playstation blog post.

(Source: Joystiq)

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