Everybody Loves Redfield

Everybody Loves Redfield
Typically sitcoms are dripping with terrible cliches and painfully obvious punchlines, but it would be pretty hard for even the most cynical television viewer to resist one set in the Resident Evil universe. 

We can just see it now… Chris Redfield is your average hard working every-man who’s married to the cold, yet wildly attractive Jill Valentine. They recently purchased a new home in the heart of Raccoon City and even though a terrible zombie outbreak plagues the city, their biggest problems comes from their smart-mouthed and ill-witted next door neighbor Albert Wesker. This wacky and heart-warming comedy will be infecting a television near you this spring.

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      1. Well of course! We just assumed you were referring to the erection joke. In the end it all comes back to erections haha

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