Destiny Details Released for Bungie Day

Destiny-HDBungie always likes to do something special on Bungie Day(July 7th the anniversary of the studio’s founding), this year they have treated us to some fantastic details about Destiny and its upcoming beta.

First off are some details about expansion content and different editions of the game.

The Destiny Expansion Pass will include new content such as story missions, co-op activities, and multi-player arenas. There will also be new weapons, armor, and gear to earn included with the pass. The pass will release in two parts – Destiny Expansion 1: “The Dark Below” and Destiny Expansion II: “House of Wolves”. Each expansion piece will cost $19.99 or $34.99 if purchased together. The PlayStation versions of the expansion pass will have content exclusives, at least for the first few months.

Next, details about the different editions.

destiny-limitedThe Destiny Limited Edition will be a beefed up version of the game, costing $99.99, that will include the following:

  • Limited Edition SteelBook Case and Game Disk
  • Gaurdian Foilo – “Arms and Armament Field Guide”, Postcards from the Golden Age, Antique Star Chart
  • Collector’s Edition Digital Content – Unique Ghost Casing, Exclusive Player Emblem, Exclusive Player Ship Skin
  • Destiny Expansion Pass

destiny-ghost-ign The Ghost Edition of Destiny will sell for $149.99 and include all the items listed in the Limited Edition, as well as:

  • Ghost Replica
  • Letter of Introduction
  • Golden Age Relics – a patch, sticker, and two chrome slides of the Traveler

destiny-digitalFor those going the all digital route, the Digital Guardian Edition will net you the following items for the price of $89.99:

  • Destiny digital download
  • Early access to Vanguard Armory and Player Emblem pre-order bonus
  • Reservation to the two pieces of Destiny Expansion
  • Collector’s Edition Digital Content – Unique Ghost Casing, Exclusive Player Emblem, Exclusive Player Ship Skin

Much has been said about the Destiny Alpha that was held last month and the Destiny Beta will open this month for even more players to experience the game. The beta will come to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 on July 23rd until July 27th but PlayStation players will have an early access period from July 17 through July 20th. The system will undergo maintenance on the 21st and 22nd of July before the beta is made available on all platforms. Also, if you play the beta on July 26th, you can earn an exclusive emblem for in the game’s final release.

I’m highly tempted to get the Ghost Edition just to have the Peter Dinklage dialogue samples. Do you think everybody at work would eventually get annoyed if my answer to every question became “that wizard came from the moon”?

(Sources: Bungie, Bungie via TwitterIGN, Polygon)

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