Pokemon X/Y Players Can Get Limited Edition Vivillion


It’s time to pick up the 3DS and plug in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, just in time for a new Mystery Gift.

Just three months shy of a year since the first 3D Pokemon games were announced, and the game has reached 100 million Pokemon trades through the Global Trade System. That’s right. You people have traded enough male Eevees to win yourself a limited edition Pokemon!

All you have to do is boot up the game in order to get your Pokemon. That’s right, there are no strings attached. You just have to:

  • Turn on your 3DS with Pokemon Y/X in the cartridge slot
  • Boot up the game, but don’t go into your game yet!
  • Connect to the Internet
  • Select ‘Mystery Gift’ on the main menu.
  • Select Receive Gift, followed by Yes.
  • Choose ‘Get Via Internet’, followed by another Yes.
  • Watch the pretty little animations as you receive a Vivillon!
  • Now choose your save file and enter your game. Make your way to the nearest Pokemon Center and speak to the delivery girl within.
  • Save your game!


If you fail to save your game and lose your Vivillon, feel free to shout DINKLEBERG! Then just do it again, and remember to save. Don’t pull a Kayla!

Source: GameSpot

Bio CardKayla

Kayla Swenson is an aspiring author and former DJ from Seattle, WA that procrastinates far too much with video games to get a book out. When she’s not gaming until carpal tunnel sets in, she’s working on dreams of being a voice actor as well as a published writer. Fond of RPGs, she will happily disappear into the void to tackle whatever bad voice acting awaits. Contact her at the email above, or on all major systems/networks as Beltravi.


  1. Darn it! I was going to ask that nice looking delivery girl if she wanted to go to the Lumiose City Berry Juice Bar with me, but when I stepped back in the PokeCenter SHE WAS GONE!

  2. Time to go pick up a new vivillon! (my collection is still not close to being complete… But I may as well try). I’m really enjoying the GTS – the friend safari is nice, but I don’t have as many friends as I have patience for trades =P

    1. Yeah the GTS is surprisingly smooth. I fully admit to having sent out own share of Eevees into the void or other unwanted Pokemon to try get something new. Had a few nice surprises as well. I think I somehow got a Charmander from it once.

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