Console Wars: Reality Versus Perception

Console+Wars_fc3df4_4885012Who’s better and who’s best is not something that can be decided by numbers alone. In sports, people will argue that a team with a perfect record is better just because they never lost. Boxers are unbeatable until they are beaten. When it comes to consoles and games, even the most bitter sports rivalry can be matched.

We can all argue for who we like best and why. We can even disclude the fair-weather fans and fan boys if we want, but inevitably we make our own choices. In the court of public opinion, marketing is an unfortunately heavy influence. Furthermore, marketing likes to lean on raw facts and ways that they can “represent” them to us.

One of the most popular topics of the day is console sales. Even being only eight months into the most recent consoles, people want a winner declared and the war to be over, but this war will be one of attrition, just as many wars turn out to be.

Perhaps if marketing and news sources want to throw numbers at us we should take a little time to analyze them. Based on data from VGChartz(as of 7/10/2014, using worldwide sale/shipping figures in millions), let’s take a little quiz of what we perceive and what the numbers say.

controllersQuestion #1: Of the last gen-consoles(Xbox 360, PS3, Wii), what was the winning/best console?

Your answer:

My Answer: PS3(PS fan-boy talking), actually guessed Xbox 360

The Numbers: Wii with 101.02, then PS3 with 82.90, and Xbox 360 with 82.54.

The Opinion: Basically, Wii was a phenomenon and PS3 had a late surge in sales. Many consider Xbox 360 to be the console of its generation. PS3 was a late bloomer and didn’t get attractive until later in its life.

wiiufeaturedQuestion #2: Is the Wii U a bust?

Your Answer:

My Answer: No, it’s ok but I still don’t own one.

The Numbers: The Wii U’s 6.45 still puts it ahead of the Xbox One at 4.70.

The Opinion: Given that the Wii U released a year before its competition, Xbox One and PS4, makes its sales look lack luster to say the least. Loyalist stand behind Nintendo and games like A Clone in the Dark 2 and Bayonetta have been announced as console exclusives. The best days of the Wii U may still be ahead.

psvitaQuestion #3: Is the Vita a bust?

Your Answer:

My Answer: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this thing but it needs some help.

The Numbers: The Vita was first released in late 2011, almost three years seems unimpressive for 8.43 and is argumentative of success.

The Opinion: The Vita did not grab the PSP crowd as some had hoped it would. There is little that can be said to sell the Vita as a must have, especially if you own a PSP already. Look for PS4 integration to spur Vita sales, with remote play being a mixed bag and second-screen functionality split with tablets.

nintendo-3dsQuestion #4: Is the 3DS the best selling handheld ever?

Your Answer:

My Answer: iPhone, but seriously PSP.

The Numbers: The Nintendo DS takes this hands down with 154.88 followed by the Game Boy at 118.69. The Game Boy Advance and PSP come in at 81.51 and 80.80, respectively. The hugely popular 3DS shows with 44.92.

The Opinion: Back in the day, as they say, there was little if any competition for mobile gaming. Mobile gaming is now split with so many devices it is ridiculous.

ps4Question #5: Is PS4 is the winner of the current generation of console wars(PS4, Xbox One, Wii U)?

Your Answer: 

My Answer: Wait for it…this is a marathon not a sprint.

The Numbers: Out selling the Xbox One with 8.27 versus 4.70 seems impressive for the PS4.

The Opinion: This match is far from over with the decision to remove the Kinect as a requirement for the Xbox will surely change sales figures.

Think what you will of the console wars. I have a preference to the PlayStation platform and others have a tendency to the Xbox. Both platforms will serve gamers well and should not be discounted.



Bio Card Paul

Paul Novak is a self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing in the west side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet. Found here at What’s Your Tag? and on the Twitter @dudewantshisrug. Game on with Team XBRO!

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