Game Director Hasit Zala Resigns from Crytek UK


It hasn’t been a good summer for Crytek UK as Hasit Zala, the game director for the upcoming Homefront: The Revolution resigned from the studios, following in the footsteps of development manager Ben Harris, who left earlier this month. Just two weeks ago, studio head Karl Hilton also made it public that he was stepping down from his position. Hilton, however, plans to stay within the company, though what his new position is remains to be seen.

And those are just the senior leadership. Other employees have left, or are openly looking for new employment this past week. Others who have left have confirmed that they have not received their final paychecks. An insider anonymously stated that people still with the company have not been paid in ‘a long time’. This isn’t just the UK subsidiary of the company, but Crytek as a whole.


These complaints have been heard since March. One employee estimated that 100 people have left over a three month period. While publicists deny any problems within the company, employees have spoken of mandates that forbid them to mention salary and payments over e-mail, presumably to prevent leaks about the problems from reaching the media. All of this comes in the wake of Crytek no longer producing Ryse 2, leaving the future of the series ambiguous due to conflicts about who would own said franchise.

Crytek UK is the studio behind games such as Crysis and Crysis 3, but with ill-tidings like these, who knows what we’ll be seeing in the near future?

Sources: Kohaku

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