Killer Instinct Season 2: Maya Confirmed, New Features Announced at EVO 2014


EVO 2014 is upon us, taking place this year in the arid desert of Las Vegas, NV. During yesterday’s opening day, Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy confirmed a plethora of new information on its upcoming second season, scheduled to hit the Xbox One this fall.

After T.J. Combo’s E3 2014 reveal, Iron Galaxy announced yesterday that Killer Instinct 2‘s knife-wielding amazon Maya will be joining the roster. Listed as a high risk/high reward character, Maya can level up her daggers in combat to increase her damage output, but can lose it all with a single mistake, making her more ideal for experienced fighters. The developer also announced that her stage is based in South America.

Killer Instinct‘s second season will also be introducing some new mechanics with air-combos, the chance to air-recover, air counter-breakers, and the ability to trigger stage ultras.


Iron Galaxy has confirmed that season two will be “bigger and badder” than previous developer Double Helix‘s original season, offering more storyline, more modes (new ladder system has been confirmed), and a better design for classic costumes. Anyone who has played the original season knows how awkward those classics looked, especially Sabrewulf, so that’s a huge plus for fans of the original games.

If that wasn’t enough, Iron Galaxy also plans to tweak Fulgore to make him more accessible to newcomers, but exactly how wasn’t announced. Fatalities will also be making a return but they will not be violent, so don’t expect to see a Mortal Kombat level of blood and gore.

In addition to what’s been confirmed so far, what do you want to see in Killer Instinct season 2? I’m hoping to see Cinder make a return, and I know Miles has been begging for Riptor. I wouldn’t mind seeing another weapon-based fighter like Tusk either, but as I was so kindly reminded during our pre-E3 2014 Microsoft bro-cast, “nobody cares about Tusk.

(Source: MP1ST)

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