Dragonball Fanta Z

Dragonball FantaZ
It’s safe to say that at some point during our childhoods, we all had a minor addiction to Dragonball Z. Nothing is more badass than watching a bunch of bulked-out monkey men engage in ridiculously unnecessary combat while destroying entire planets with a flick of their wrists. Just hearing the name brings back waves of nostalgic bliss, but like all good things on the internet, there is a dark corner where it exists as creepy and disturbing fan art…

For every one halfway decent piece of fan art, there are 200,000 that are either horrifically sexual or downright terrible. Hopefully you enjoyed this small collection of both. Pregnant Goku may not be considered “Bulma Fan Art,” but good luck not blasting milk out of your nose after looking at that glorious image.

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    1. It’s a serious issue that most people don’t have the courage to talk about these days. Let’s take to Twitter and let our voices be heard! #SaiyanPregnancy

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