The Biggest Troll in Video Game History

1001_thumbIf you’ve been following my Twitch streams lately, you know I’v been suffering through a torturous amount of Aban Hawkins and the 1001 Spikes. After completing numerous mind-melting stages that ended up costing hundreds of lives and nearly my sanity, I approached the “final” challenge of the game. Just when I thought the suffering was almost over I got trolled in such a terrible, terrible way.


I was convinced I had conquered this beast and earned my rightful victory, but then out of nowhere, came a sea of murderous spikes! Why!? I did my victory dance and everything! My spirit was absolutely crushed…

Despite the insane difficulty and random end-stage trolls, I’m absolutely loving 1001 Spikes. Few games require the same level of precision and dedication, and this makes completing every stage a hugely satisfying victory. If you have a great deal of patience and don’t mind checking your pride at the door, I’d totally recommend giving this game a go, especially if you want a REAL challenge.

If you’re interested in watching a grown man suffer and potentially cry, be sure to follow me on Twitch and join the live party. 

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Miles Dompier is the chief editor and founder of What’s Your Tag?. He is a Seattle native who recently moved to the sweltering heat of Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a composer/voice actor. When he’s not up writing until his eyes bleed, he likes to play a Prince level of instruments and listen to terrible death metal. Follow his shenanigans on Twitter and be sure to join our gaming community; TEAM XBRO


  1. My willpower was broken after 4 hours, so I’m standing by my review score lol. But it’s definitely more entertaining watching you play it than playing it myself.

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