PlayStation Store PLAY 2014 Line-Up Revealed

psplayEvery year, the PlayStation Store treats its customers to a pretty awesome deal on a group of games and this year’s promotion looks great. The PLAY program this year will include: Rouge Legacy, The Swapper, Hohokum, and Counter Spy.

What makes the promotion special are the deals being offered. All four games are cross-buy purchases, meaning you get the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita versions of each game you buy. On top of that, PlayStation Plus members can get a 20% discount by pre-ordering the games.

Rouge Legacy: Retail $16.99, PS Plus $13.59

The Swapper: Retail $19.99, PS Plus $15.99

Hohokum: Retail $14.99, PS Plus $11.99

Counter Spy: Retail $14.99, PS Plus $11.99

Still not enough for you? Well…how about getting some money back? If you buy two games you’ll get a PlayStation Store voucher for $3 but you can get more back if you buy more games. Buying three games earns a $6 voucher and you can get a $10 voucher for buying all four games in the PLAY promotion.

Pre-orders start today for this promotion and you’ll get access to the games as soon as they release.

Looks like that wallet is about to take another hit.

Bio Card Paul

Paul Novak is a self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing in the west side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet. Found here at What’s Your Tag? and on the Twitter @dudewantshisrug. Game on with Team XBRO!


  1. The Swapper is $14.99 on Steam and released over a year ago in May 2013. Rogue Legacy is $14.99 on Steam and released over a year ago in June 2013. What is Sony thinking releasing year-old games on PSN and charging a higher price?

    1. Keep in mind that Sony doesn’t have full control of the the pricing since developers, publishers, or other rights holders have say in what they want the game to cost. Also remember that the games are a year old on another platform. There are people that have not played these games yet and want them on a PS device and you are getting access to the game on up to three devices. Granted, I do think the prices should be lower than they are and it is a tactical error by both Sony and Microsoft how they allow their digital stores to be priced.

      1. I get that they want to bring in solid indie games to their console audience, and both games are really, really good. I just don’t understand the pricing really, although I guess if I had a Vita I’d play the hell out of a portable Rogue Legacy.. though I’d still be annoying at overpaying. I don’t know if maybe they’re charging a little extra because it’s cross-buy, but that would be pretty silly.

        Hohokum and Counterspy look fun though.

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