Destiny-HDIn the never-ending quest to decide who is the best, let’s pit the Xbox flavors of the Destiny beta against each other. Here it is, Xbox One versus Xbox 360 – Destiny beta fight!

The editions of this game differed on this set of consoles more than they did when I played the PlayStation versions. In that I mean, there were more than just graphical differences.

destiny beta xbone strikeThe Xbox One version of the game looked and played great. It may only running at 900p, but that was no issue. Yes, there were a few flaws, but bear in mind that this is a beta version and will most likely look much better in the final build.

destiny beta xbox 360 strikeGraphical quality aside, the Destiny beta struggled on the Xbox 360 and I’m not sure how well it will handle the full release. Say what you want about the graphics, it looks like an Xbox 360 game because that’s what it is, but my bigger concern is the controls. Trying to line up shots seemed more difficult on this platform for some reason; not sure if there was some extra lag happening or what. Even walking and riding through the environment felt sluggish. Turning corners and jumping to points should be easily completed task, but at times it was not a smooth process.

The Xbox 360 was also the only console that I received a loading screen during normal game play. This makes me wonder if the console is not capable of driving such an ambitious game properly.

I’ll repeat this again – this is a beta version. Most likely this version is months old and many improvements have already been made. It has already been stated the Xbox One version will run at full 1080p upon release. Look for other fixes to be instituted in the game before you get the full copy in September.

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Paul Novak is a self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing in the west side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet. Found here at What’s Your Tag? and on the Twitter @dudewantshisrug. Game on with Team XBRO!



  1. Hmm.. I did have a loading screen a few times during the Xbox One Beta. I also wrote impressions of the Beta on my blog. This game shouldn’t matter about graphics as much as persuade people to even buy it. I am still on the fence and may be that way until a day before its release.

    1. I expect the graphics to not be as good on the older consoles but the control and loading issues concern me on Xbox 360. I didn’t play enough of the Xbox One version to see an loading screens. The graphical difference between Xbox One and PS4 is negligible at best. I’ve been playing the PS4 version late into Sunday and there was a patch/download that it did. Since that patch, I’ve seen a loading screen twice. It could be that they are load testing at this point since I also had a message that the servers were a capacity.

  2. I really enjoyed the BETA on PS4, so much so I preordered Destiny! The first game since bulletstorm may I add! I’m surprised by some of the issues on 360 if I’m honest, hopefully many get ironed out before release!

  3. When I was playing it on Xbox One, I wondered how Xbox 360 would manage it, because I always had xbox lag in graphics intense games like Mass Effect, where it would become bad in places, especially after epic games sessions. Also “pop in” graphics problems in online games like on GTA V, CoD, and especially Battlefield 4, sometimes it takes ages for the textures to load!
    I wonder how long before devs just ignore the 360 and PS3 altogether.

    1. The PS3 held up pretty well whereas the 360 struggled. I look to see devs quickly move away from the last-gen platforms. Within two years it will be rare to see games release on current and last-gen.

  4. Odd. I didn’t have any of those issues with the 360 version of Destiny. It actually ran very well and I didn’t notice those inbetween load times you’re talking about either. Playing both Xbox One and 360 versions the single and only difference I noticed was graphics, everything else felt relatively the same to me. I think they did a pretty good job on such dated hardware to get it as good as it was. Yea, 360 version struggled with AA issues, mild pop up, blurrier textures and so forth but, as you said, yes, it looks like a 360 game should but honestly, I was expecting much MUCH worse.

    I also felt that the 360 version was superior to the PS3 version. Performance wise I felt both were fine, but the PS3 version just looked more washed out, I found the 360 version to a little more visually pleasing. Barely, yes, but there is a difference. Of course, these are just betas though.

    1. I must say that you had an experience opposite of mine. The PS3 version held up much better than the 360 version did for me.

      However, like you said these are beta versions. The full releases should be smoother.

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