Too Legit To Quit

Too Legit To QuitProfessional gaming made history last week after ESPN 2’s live broadcast of the final match of this year’s International Dota 2 Championship. A presentation of this caliber was huge news for the folks participating in the event as well as supporters of e-sports.

It’s only be a matter of time before we start seeing Dota 2 tournaments on basic cable television, but even with the huge push to make professional gaming a “legitimate” sport, it’s hard to take matches seriously when players use their corny gamertags. If you have the words “slayer,” “sniper,” “spartan,” “reaper,” or any reference to reefer madness in your gamertag, do us all a favor and slap yourself in the face. For all the Bens out there, “DoubleBenetration” is a total gimme.

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  1. What about the guy at EVO 2014 rocking a white shirt with the dreaded racial n-word on it? E-sports will never become a legitimate sport if they don’t take themselves serious first.

      1. Yep, and the fact they just let the stream go on like it was nothing says a lot about their quality standards. We still have a long way to go before anyone accepts e-sports as a legitimate sport.

  2. They’re putting ESports on TV now?

    Holy crap…

    I mean, I thought XGames with CoD was a cash grab or something, but this is pretty awesome.

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