Assassin’s Creed: Unity Unveils Female Character, But You Still Play as a Dude


Oh, Ubisoft, will you ever do something that won’t work against you? First you say that animating female assassins would be double the work, and now you introduce a female character? You’re confusing me, Ubisoft, I thought you didn’t like female characters!

Oh.. wait, you can’t play as her? All right, I’ll say this in defense of Ubisoft: They never said that there would be no female characters whatsoever in the game.

unity elise

The issue arose from Ubisoft stating that there would be no playable females in the multiplayer, where you can customize an assassin like never before. Clearly this feisty Templar lass has been planned from the get-go, and will have a strong impact on the story. This isn’t a last-minute effort to appease the annoyed consumers who wouldn’t mind playing Assassin Dress-Up with more than pretty boys with chiseled jaws.

The trailer shows Arno, the main character, racing across the rooftops, because clearly he forgot that today was Execution Day. Landing too late for the gentlemen, but just in time for the lady, he saves the day. But what’s peculiar about this young lady is that she proudly wears a Templar cross on her neck.

“[Elise is] an independent young noblewoman [who] is determined to secure her place in the Templar dynasty amidst the chaos of the French Revolution. Her quest leads her to cross paths with Arno and establish an unlikely bond with him.”

It seems the plot will have quite a bit with these two unlikely individuals uniting against a common enemy. Wait, uniting, Unity… I see what you did there, Ubisoft.

Also, for those curious, the song in the trailer is “The Golden Age” by Woodkid.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity releases October 28th on PCXbox One, and PS4.

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Kayla Swenson is an aspiring author and former DJ from Seattle, WA that procrastinates far too much with video games to get a book out. When she’s not gaming until carpal tunnel sets in, she’s working on dreams of being a voice actor as well as a published writer. Fond of RPGs, she will happily disappear into the void to tackle whatever bad voice acting awaits. Contact her at the email above, or on all major systems/networks as Beltravi.


  1. Hmm… I do not think he was late for execution day. I believe Arno knew who he was saving, since it was all set up so perfectly for him to save Elise. Also, could you not blame the people who actually made him late? Come on, riot in the streets! Take that out to a field 😉 good write up none-the-less. No one has reported this it seems like.

    1. Thank you! I was surprised it took so long for some others to write up about it. With Ubisoft being in trouble over females already you think more people would have been hopping on this.

  2. It sounds like she’ll be a strong female character, story-wise.
    Also, perhaps a female character would have taken away from the experience? Maybe this bond is strengthened because of their opposite genders? I don’t know. Just thinking out loud.

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