GameStop to Further Harass Customers with Terrible Credit Card Offer

GameStopLogo_BlackRedAnyone who’s ever been to a GameStop knows the dreaded experience that comes at checkout. “Is there anything you’d like to pre-order? Are you sure? For just five bucks you get this poster and exclusive DLC. Are you sure? Alright, well just so you know copies are limited so I’d pre-order to make sure you get it at launch.” Well this uncomfortable ordeal is about to become a whole lot lengthier with the introduction of a brand new GameStop credit card.

An anonymous source reported to Destructoid that this credit card will tie in with the PowerUp Rewards program. Destructoid also received a few fantastic photos outlining some of the specific terms of the this offer. Powerup Basic members will receive 5,000 bonus points for signing up while Powerup Pro members will receive a whopping 15,000 points.

Some bonus points for your Powerup Rewards account sounds pretty appealing, right? This actually might be a nice incentive for folks planning to earn some extra rewards points for their Gamestop purchases if the interest rate wasn’t a staggering 26.99%. Sources claim that there may be introductory promotions offering lower interest rates for limited periods of time.

Perhaps the most frightening thing about this horrifying credit card offer is the fact that “all Powerup Rewards card members are already pre-approved.” Irresponsible practices like the ones described in this impending credit card offer appear to be a nasty plan to take advantage of ill-informed consumers. Not only will we be harassed about pre-ordering games in a desperate attempt to reduce in-store inventory to force used game sales, but now we’ll all be suffering through painful spiels about one of the worst credit card offers in history.

Seeing news like this just increases my hatred of the Gamestop corporation. Let’s do the gaming industry a favor and stop supporting this terrible company. 

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Miles Dompier is the chief editor and founder of What’s Your Tag?. He is a Seattle native who recently moved to the sweltering heat of Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a composer/voice actor. When he’s not up writing until his eyes bleed, he likes to play a Prince level of instruments and listen to terrible death metal. Follow his shenanigans on Twitter and be sure to join our gaming community; TEAM XBRO


  1. Amazon isn’t much better. They give nothing on trade-ins and heavily mark up used games. Their own credit card has a rate between 14 and 24% based on your credit. The only real difference is they don’t have a store you can walk in to…yet.

    You need these retailers to stay in business if only to keep publishers honest. It is evident that they have no intentions to offer lower prices based on the fact that games take forever to get a discount on digital markets and it is the publishers or developers that control these prices.

    Don’t get me wrong, a credit card with a rate over 25% is crazy and shouldn’t be offered much less accepted.

    1. I buy the majority of my Xbox One and PC games from Amazon and it’s way better than Gamestop. It’s cheaper and I don’t have anyone trying to convince me to buy Call of Duty.

      I haven’t been to a Gamestop in about 4 years. It’s a terrible place to shop.

      1. Amazon is quicker to drop prices on newer releases after the first few months but I don’t see that their used prices are much if any better.

        I don’t get pushed or harassed at the local GameStop, so I can’t relate to those experiences. It is the market as a whole that we should be concerned about and not just GameStop individually.

      2. It’s just Gamestop with me.

        I got an Xbox One controller on Amazon for 25 dollars. Lets see how much Gamestop would charge.

        Gamestop ignores the PC market anyway. Good luck finding any good PC games there.

      3. I agree about PC since they offer little more than Steam gift cards.

        Was your Xbox One controller from Amazon or one of its partners? Typically the better deals are through a partner.

      4. Now that I think about it I think it was from a partner :]. It came in mail in perfect condition too. I’m not saying Amazon is perfect, but their leagues ahead of Gamestop in my opinion.

      5. I can understand you have a better history with Amazon.

        It is unfortunate that GameStop and other companies are willing to make policies and programs that are not good deals for their customer.

      6. Going to Gamestop is like walking on glass where I live. They’re rude and they try to force their opinions on you. If I say I don’t like something once that should be it.

        No one I know likes Gamestop.

      7. Glad I can’t relate to that. The people at my local GameStop are engaging and helpful. They’ve given their opinion but never expect me to have to agree with them.

        Perhaps the people I get to deal with are just better at customer service.

    2. The entire used game industry is a cash-grab and the practices surrounding them have always been shady. Amazon is simply trying to expand their ridiculous reach into ever possible market in existence.

  2. Dude I am with you the manager knows my name and my sons name. I don’t have to give them my phone number anymore they just know it. My son plays skylanders and when they get in a new shipment with new release charecters they call me, and hold them. I don’t get that kind of service with amazon.

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