New Game from NICALiS Titled ‘Castle in the Darkness’ Coming This Summer


It’s pretty obvious that most of us here at What’s Your Tag? have a soft spot for games that sport an 8-Bit style and throw in a rockin’ soundtrack. One of our favorites is 1001 Spikes, if the frequent streaming by Miles is anything to go by. (Seriously. Who doesn’t love watching Miles become a broken man trying to traverse those deliciously difficult levels?)

To our delight, the developer of 1001 SpikesNICALiS, has announced a new game called Castle in the Darkness.

Castle in the Darkness is created by Matt Kap of NICALiS, and is his first solo project. Kap has been involved in the creation of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth1001 Spikes, and others.  When planning out Castle in the Darkness, his goal was to create something he would have enjoyed as a kid. Castle in the Darkness has been in the works for two years, and combines the fun of an action adventure with RPG elements and plenty of puzzles, as well as so many secrets that all of them may never be found.

Situated in the kingdom of Alexandria, the story takes place with our hero as the only remaining guard standing between a sorcerer and the kingdom. Oh, and there’s a princess to be saved. It’s up to this sole survivor to risk his life to save the day.


Traipse past traps, careen through corridors, and badger belligerent bosses while charting the erstwhile un-chartable Alexandrian kingdom and girding your loins and other important organs with a veritable cornucopia of armor, arms, and sorcery. – NICALiS

Castle in the Darkness boasts several different features, including the following:

  • Art Direction by the lead artist behind The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
  • An expansive world heavily inspired by the golden era of video games
  • Level up your knight with wildly different abilities
  • An arsenal of over 100 weapons, armor and magic to collect and use!
  • Over 50 bosses to find and slay
  • More than 100 different enemies
  • Fast-paced chiptune soundtrack


Just from the trailer alone, the game looks beautiful and fluid, showcasing what 8-bit can do in the right hands. And if the music used in the trailer is anything to go by, we’ll be jamming out and dropping our controllers for wild air guitar solos.

No release date has been announced, instead listed at ‘Summer 2014’. Well, summer doesn’t have much more left, so hopefully we’ll be seeing it here soon. The game is only slated to release on Steam for PC, but the folks at NICALiS are open to releasing it on other consoles if there is a demand for it.


You can find more information at:


Bio CardKayla

Kayla Swenson is an aspiring author and former DJ from Seattle, WA that procrastinates far too much with video games to get a book out. When she’s not gaming until carpal tunnel sets in, she’s working on dreams of being a voice actor as well as a published writer. Fond of RPGs, she will happily disappear into the void to tackle whatever bad voice acting awaits. Contact her at the email above, or on all major systems/networks as Beltravi.

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