Crytek Not Happy With Xbox One Sales, Ryse 2 Could Head to PS4

Ryse Execution

Crytek has been providing a plethora of game news lately, what with the mass amount of staff leaving for potentially greener pastures, some of their remaining staff not being paid at all, and more recently, the sale of the Homefront I.P. to Deep Silver. However, on a good note, the former Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome was recently confirmed to be headed to PC, and at a stunning 4k resolution no less, so that’s something, right?

Earlier this year a possible sequel to Ryse: Son of Rome was thought to be cancelled, but Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli was quoted in an interview with Eurogamer stating that they’re just waiting for a higher install base on the current-gen platforms. Apparently they’re not all too happy about the current Xbox One console sales as well.

“We are not 100 percent happy with Xbox One sales right now. So we want to wait till the current-gen and next-gen catches up. For Ryse 2, we aren’t saying it’s cancelled. It’s our IP. It just has to wait for the right timing. And the right timing means higher installed base across next-gen.” -Crytek CEO, Cevat Yerli

With the Playstation 4 in a commanding lead so far, could Ryse 2 do what so many Crytek employees did and head for greener pastures? According to Yerli, “We can do whatever we want with it with whoever we want.

Crytek seems to be hard at work to right the once sinking ship, and one might think they’d revisit their flagship Crysis series, but when asked if Crysis 4 was in development, Yerli said “Don’t know. Just saying, no comment. We’re just focusing. That’s what I’m saying.” That focus of course being their list of current projects, which include the free-to-play FPS Warface, the upcoming fantasy MOBA Arena of Fate, another free-to-play title Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, and the previously mentioned PC port of Ryse: Son of Rome.

With Crytek seemingly more focused, are they on the right track? They seem to be entering a lot of markets that favor microtransactions, which is a stray for the developer, but could financially be a smart business move.

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  1. I don’t think having the sequel released on PS4 is that smart of an idea: some of the public (and I know I would) wouldn’t buy the game, especially one based on a story, if they haven’t played the first. SO it could be looked over by the public.
    But I think Ryse looks interesting. Might get it on PC if it goes on special.

    1. I’m all for franchises remaining where they started, but if anything, I hope they’d release it for both. The original had a pretty definitive ending as well, so I’m not sure where they’d go with it, at least with the same characters.

  2. I find it hard to be fussed either way, Crytek have built and entire brand out of style over substance, and now that they’re moving into the micro-transaction-ridden FtP market, they’ve pretty much covered the gamut of trends I loathe in the industry.

    On a sidenote: Do they actually have anything to do with Farcry, or does it just use their engine? I was always under the impression that it was one of their games, as well.

    1. Far Cry 1 & 2 (and everything in between) was developed using CryEngine, but developed by Ubisoft. And you’re right, they’re definitely a style over substance. They want to push your PC to the max, but it seems to be just graphically. Of all their games, I’ve only really enjoyed the original Crysis, and had a bit of fun with Ryse during the Xbox One launch.

      1. I sort of admire their determination to come up with games so graphically intense that only theoretical PC’s could run them at full spec, but I don’t know how they ever thought that making games only a small percentage of people could play would be a sound business decision. Farcry 3 is one of my favourite games of all time, though, so they can at least put a good engine together, I’ll give them that. I thought Ryse looked like an interesting concept, especially for a launch title, but when I saw how many QTE’s were involved it kind of put me off.

      2. The executions in Ryse are more of a perk than anything. Since you have to constantly switch between health regen, fury regen, etc., it keeps things fresh. I’m not a fan of QTE’s at all really, and I’ve gone through Ryse twice without feeling burdened by the executions.

  3. Will it release on the PS4? No. Will it come to PC? Yes. I think Ryse will do very well on PC since there aren’t that many games like it on the PC. All we have is Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends on the PC and that sold very well. It was a top seller for a while.

    Ryse is actually one of my favorite games on the Xbox One, but if they did send it to PS4 I don’t think it would do as well because no one would know anything about the first one.

    The Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC should be more than enough for Ryse to do alright in my opinion. I have nothing against the PS4, but from my experience hack n slash games never do well on that platform.

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