NBA 2K15 ‘YAKKEM’ Trailer Shows Off Current-Gen Visuals


NBA 2K14 featured an impressive visual upgrade when it made its way to current-gen consoles, but if the latest NBA 2K15 trailer is anything to go by, basketball fans are in for a huge treat later this year.

Dubbed ‘YAKKEM‘ for Shaq’s comedic response as to what a nothing but net three-pointer sounds like, the new trailer not only shows off the game’s realistically gorgeous visuals, but also shows a lot of in-game footage featuring Lebron in his new-yet-old Cavs jersey, a derpy-eyed cheerleader, and a hilariously censored rendition of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Suck My Kiss” track. Enjoy!

I know we don’t have a lot of sports games fans in our audience, but I really liked NBA 2K14 for the Xbox One. What do you think of the new trailer? Between this and WWE 2K15, 2K‘s games are looking pretty damn good this year. Looking and playing are two different things though, but if anything it seems 2K has a solid grasp on current-gen visuals. Now we just wait for comparison screenshots between current and last-gen consoles.

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