Destiny Remote Play On Vita Gets Enhanced Controls

Destiny-HDFor the few, the proud, the Vita owners, remote play is a great feature but some games just don’t respond well to the default controls. The folks at Bungie have taken this fact into account and have done their part by optimizing the controls to make remote play function better for Destiny.

Accounting for the lack of physical triggers is only one improvement that has been made. Moving the trigger functions from the rear touch panel to the bumpers makes the trigger actions more natural. Having done that, the bumper functions had to be moved as well. That has been handled by relocating those controls to the front touch panel, rather than the rear touch panel where the trigger functions would have been. This makes a curious trade-off though, since your grasp on the Vita will remain firm but you will now have to use your thumbs to activate those functions. Taking your thumbs off of the analog sticks may cost you when reaction time is at a premium.

destiny-vita-layoutThe diagram above details how the functions will be mapped. Take note that all of your dance moves will now require you to press a combination of buttons to evoke.

This is a great effort to make the Vita controls feel more natural when using it as opposed to the default control layout with a Dualshock 4, but bear in mind that the remote play functionality is only for the PS4 version of Destiny.

I have tried to play several shooters, like Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark and Killzone: Shadowfall, but found that the control scheme was less than favorable. Many times I found myself pressing the bumper thinking that I would get the trigger action only to be wrong every time. Therefore, I feel that this aspect of the control layout will be beneficial. However, I prefer to use the bumper-jumper configuration and the proposed Vita layout does not favor that.

(Source: PS Blog)

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