RUMOR: Master Race Rejoice, Destiny Coming to PC in 2015


Hear any Destiny news lately? Yeah, me either. Well it appears the hype train has no intention of slowing down, and with the most anticipated release of 2014 upon us in just 2 short days, it’s been confirmed that Destiny will also be making its way to PC in 2015.

No release date has been announced, but according to lead designer Lar Bakker, the PC version is not only the hardest to make and but is a bit behind schedule as they’re busy making improvements to it. Bungie has also not released any information on PC spec requirements, etc., but it’s expected that it’ll be a bit high as Destiny already looks gorgeous on current-gen consoles.

EDIT: As a few of our readers have pointed out in the comments, the source we’ve linked in our article (and the source that they’ve linked as well) do not link back to any form of confirmation on behalf of Bungie. At this time it’s basically just speculation and rumor, but if Bungie does confirm that Destiny will be headed to PC at some point, we’ll keep you posted. Thanks to Lightford and Jaicen for pointing this out, which is something I should have done myself before publishing the article.

(Source: Gamnesia)

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  1. The only problem with that source is that they have no proof of what they are saying. Until Bungie actually says, “this is coming to PC” no one should believe anyone just yet.

    1. Their source is:

      Which mentions: ” Lar Bakker, the design leader shared to the Destiny PC hungry fans that the reason why the release is taking a long while is because it is more complicated to develop.”

      Although they don’t link directly back to a Bungie blog or anything either.

      1. So still, nothing proving at all. If this was big enough news, it would be everywhere on all video game blogs. Until I see a creditable source, I won’t believe it. There is not “interview claiming” or Bungie link at all, so therefore, just a rumor still.

        Most likely, it could come to PC. The only problem with that is more piracy, server usage, and the fact that the game on consoles would be mostly dead since everyone would most likely play PC instead.

      2. You’re definitely correct. The source linked, nor the source they linked, actually link to any form of confirmation on behalf of Bungie. Although this is something I should have dug in to before publishing the article, I do appreciate you pointing out the fact that it’s still a rumor at this point.

    1. I found an interview that Lar Bakker did with Eurogamer back in April I think, but they kind of side stepped the confirmation that Destiny is definitely coming to PC.

    1. Thanks for pointing this out. It’s definitely something I should have done myself before publishing the article, but I appreciate you providing the link. The article has been updated accordingly as just a rumor, but you’ve been credited in the edit for pointing it out.

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