Having Issues Staying Connected in Destiny? You’re Not Alone!


Destiny has been available for 24 hours, and if you’re one of the millions of consumers who purchased the game, there’s a chance that your initial time with it hasn’t been all that fantastic. In what’s been an ongoing issue all day for some, it seems that many players are experiencing connection issues that are causing intense amounts of lag, disabling the ability to chat with other players, or worse, preventing them from playing at all.

Not everyone is experiencing this issue, as I appear to be the only member of our staff that’s been enduring constant disconnects and server instability for the better part of my day. What started off as 5 straight disconnects within my first 30 minutes of Destiny, eventually turned in to two hours of solid play time. I love what I’ve played thus far, but after those two hours it was right back to frequent disconnects from the Destiny server and repeatedly being removed from whatever mission I happened to be in the middle of.

This is the biggest launch of any game thus far in 2014, so it’s to be expected that some things can, and will, go wrong. But after having to start and restart the same mission 5 and 6 times, just to get booted out in the middle of it, is quite infuriating.

As an always-on game, Destiny requires that you remain connected to their own personal server the entire time you play it — even if you’re planning on playing alone. It’s not enough that you’re required to have reliable internet, but you’re also at the mercy of Bungie‘s Destiny server as well. Is anyone else having flashbacks to Grand Theft Auto V‘s multi-player connectivity debacle?

Many players have been complaining on social media and Reddit about their own experiences with Destiny‘s server instabilities, so if you’re experiencing something similar, you’re definitely not alone. Common error codes are CENTIPEDE and KINGFISHER, but you can find more information on the various error codes right here.

How about you? Are you experiencing connectivity issues with your copy of Destiny?

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  1. I’m having the same problems. Took me 3 hours to get it installed. Then couldn’t even play it. I’ve managed to do the first couple of missions but keep getting disconnected.
    I’m trying to stay patient and sympathise with Bungie, but we keep seeing this happen with big game launches, surely they should know what kind of a battering the servers will get and be prepared a little better?

      1. Ouch. The PS4 version had a 250mb update, but the install was done in the background or something. I was able to pop the disc in and jump right in immediately.. just not for long lol.

    1. Yeah, rather than getting infuriated to the point where I just go return it for a refund, I’m going to give it a few days and go from there. I really do like what I’ve played so far, but 90% of my play time has been spent re-playing the same missions over and over due to server instabilities.

  2. So there was an update for destiny recently and it worked fine until I exited the game. Now every time I want to start it up I get signed out of xbox live and it won’t let me play at all

    1. That’s pretty weird. I’m playing on PS4 and I’m not having an issue with being signed out of PSN, but rather staying connected at all to they Destiny server. Hopefully your issue gets resolved, as I finally gave up after 6 days and only getting to play for 4 hours total. I wish I could have returned it as defective, but I suppose $40 in store credit will have to do.

  3. I’ve not come farther than creating a character and watching the first clip (and the running into the building), because family and life. The installation took not too long… but it’ll be interesting to see what happens when I start playing it for real.

  4. I almost given up on this game too. Constant baboon and centipede errors mean it is unplayable. Even worst is the fact that there has been no communications from Bungie.

    1. Yeah, it’s been a week and still nothing is resolved. If it cleans up later, I may pick it back up if I still have friends playing, but I definitely felt it was $60 wasted.

  5. Yeah, so I’ve been waiting to play Destiny for so long. I was a major fan and very excited to play it, but apparently I missed some of the finer details. I just found out over the past week that there is no split screen co-op, no offline / single player (which means I would have to have Gold just to play), and no crop console co-op… I guess that I am glad I didn’t buy it today. What kind of fucking shooter console game doesn’t have split-screen co-op or offline single player? So pissed off.

    1. Yeah, they announced the lack of split-screen a while before its release and that kind of killed it for me. I really enjoyed going through games like Borderlands locally, and was disappointed to see that the option wasn’t going to be included. But yeah, you’re at the mercy of your gold subscription, or PSN Plus, and there’s no way to play offline at all. You can make it so your game is invite-only, but you are still required to connect to the unreliable Destiny servers that Bungie provides.

    1. I was disconnected more times than I cared to count, but the icing on the cake was getting disconnected during the hour-long strike missions. One in particular occurred right before a boss death, and that was my “I’m done..” moment. If Bungie improves their servers down the road, I’ll pick it back up later.

      I traded my copy in on Tuesday, since Gamestop is offering a guaranteed $40 store credit on PS4 and Xbox One versions.

  6. not impressed bungie. for something this big id expect it to work properly. ive been trying to connect for 30mins now and kicked over a dozen times, and my internets fine thank you

    1. You’re definitely not alone there. Tons of people are having the same issue and it’s not being resolved. I think the Destiny servers are currently down for maintenance or something as well, so you might want to check on that.

  7. Was going fine, until this past weekend. Now constant disconnects from the servers, inability to play more than 30 minutes at a time. Talk about a headache. Bungie keeps telling us (with #bee, #insect of the day) that the disconnect is our fault. I have ran a trace route and ping traces and I have 0 packet loss. I can play BF4 fine and not disconnect, but can’t stay connected to Destiny? Glad I hit 27 before it took a poop. Guess it is time to grind out those last few ranks on BF4.

    1. It’s easier for them to point the finger, rather than troubleshoot from their end and adjust the server accordingly. I have no problems playing Warframe or Final Fantasy XIV online on my PS4, but I couldn’t stay connected to Destiny for the life of me. I gave up at level 8 and traded it in after a solid week of frustration. No regrets.

  8. I got thrown of the server regularly… even established a pattern: precisely once every hour. Went through a lot of port forwarding on my router. Finally I solved the problem though – here’s how:

    I went into my router: find the gateway IP by opening a DOS prompt or powershell window and type: ipconfig

    Enter the IP into your browser and log into your router.

    Open network options on your console and check status to find its IP.

    If you can open for both inbound and outbound ports on your routers firewall you should be peachy by opening for the following ports on the IP adress for your console:

    Destiny Port Range Direction:

    7500-17899 (TCP) Outbound
    30000-40399 (TCP) Outbound
    3074 (UDP) Inbound and Outbound

    That’s an insane amount of ports, but this comes strait from Bungie, and I think that this heavy port load may actually be the issue, but thats what it is.

    My troubles weren’t over since I could not punch any outbound holes in my routers firewall, so I had to do it the hard way:

    I put my ps4 in the socalled DMZ, which basically means it’s not protected by the router, which is fine because my service provider comes with a firewall: one which I can actually punch holes in – both ways.

    Now I have no more problems! 🙂

    Don’t blame Bungie though, shout bloody murder at the hardware manufacturers, which can’t or wont give ordinary people decent security without creating problems that even tech savy people will have to use days on solving!


  9. Sorry I forgot to mention: You may also have to change your routers NAT endpoint filtering from: port and adress restricted, to: endpoint independent for both TCP and UDP. – I don’t want to spam you, but I think its important.


    1. Appreciate that, but we shouldn’t have to do all that to play a game. Developers and techies know what and how these things need to be done to handle the expected load.

      1. This is my argument as well. Even if this was a solid workaround for everyone — which, to be fair, did not work for me at all — it shouldn’t be required for many people to have to do this kind of thing.

  10. My PS4 is in DMZ, but still getting disconnected, BUT just like other users …only disconnecting when playing “strike” or “crucible”……IT SUCKS WASTING HOURS OF GAMETIME…….

  11. Recently began to disconnect in crucible, which really sucks since they don’t give you the chunk of the exp until you finish. Which is really dumb in my opinion since their servers don’t work

  12. These disconnection issues are a major problem for those long missions. I was just playing the weekly heroic on the level 28 modifier (I’m level 27 and by myself) and was about to beat the nexus boss on venus when suddenly I’m kicked out saying there is an issue with the connection. I had spend an hour and a half getting to were I was and am not pleased about this in the slight. In other words, this is some major bullsh*t

    1. Getting disconnected in general is a pain, but suffering them during the longer strike missions and whatnot was even worse. That was my “I’m done” moment, and traded the game in the next day.

      1. thats a lie its just as worse for xbox then it is with playstation i can’t even play for more then 10 minutes without getting a freakin error and kick

      2. It would be a lie if I weren’t telling the truth, but this was posted well before the expansion launched. I’m sure the expansion brought a whole new slew of connection issues. I personally had no problems on Xbox Live months ago, but I gave up on Destiny before the expansion.

      3. im taking it back this weekend i’ve gotten word that xbox360 and ps3 both equally get kicked constantly i’m gonna try to get cod ghosts and bf4

  13. I have been logged off destiny about 6-7 times today with an error code of buffalo meaning that there is no psn connection but the Internet service is fully online

    Any news ?

  14. i get on and play destiny. not even 10 to 5 miniuts later im getting disconnected from xbox live. ive barly been able to enjoy the game and im dieing to play it ive tried everything to fix it and now realize that this is bungies fault and all i can do is wait.

    1. And they don’t really seem eager to do anything but blame your ISP or internet connection settings, so you may be waiting a while.. especially with their focus being on the upcoming expansion.

  15. I get disconnected from the server every hour or so but can sign back in no probs. Happened a few times mid-way through boss fight. Urghhh.

  16. i gotta say i was really excited to get this game finally even though its a year after it came out i really have to say i hate it now i didnt mind the 4 hours of downloading nearly 10gb worth of stuff but the constant major annoyance of messages saying i have been disconnected or xbox live has kicked me off is pissing me off beyond belief idk why its like this i’m so close to saying fuck it and taking it back to the store and as for people saying its probably your signal it is not… this game is the only game i play that has kicked me off this much i play games like dead space 3 fable 2 and 3 and a few other mmos with online co-op i just think this game asks to much to play… its a miracle i’m even lvl 14 almost 15 i could have been in the 20’s by now but now i get like 10 or so disconnections and about 5 or more xbox live kicks A DAY!!!

  17. they need to seriously lower the internet connection needed just to play its asking to much seriously… i use to dream about getting this game cause of watching a playthrough for a few weeks and watching other stuff about it now its like i just wanna punch a hole in the wall and break the damn disk… getting disconnected from xbox live and kicked from the game like every 5-10 minutes

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