Buy Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Get a Demo Voucher for Final Fantasy XV (Supposedly)


For a short while, Game Informer published an article that not only confirmed the release date for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, but claimed that if you purchased the game you’d receive a voucher with a demo code for Final Fantasy XV on PS4 or Xbox One.

Although the article was later pulled, leading many to believe that Square Enix wasn’t quite ready to announce the news yet, the message was rapidly digested by fans who’ve been waiting for the game since it was announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII back on the PS2 in 2006. Since the game’s debut at E3 2013, Final Fantasy XV was not only absent at E3 2014 this year, but opted to skip the Tokyo Game Show as well.

According to a screenshot of the article, the demo is titled Episode Duscae and focuses on the early parts of the game.


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will release in North America on March 17th for the Xbox One and PS4. It’s an HD remaster of the original PSP title that released in Japan only, back in October 2011.

Type-0‘s gameplay has been compared to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, since you control a character through various missions and large-scale battles. Originally titled Final Fantasy Agito XIII, it’s a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis sub-series, sharing its mythos with the world of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV.

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